Everyone I spoke with agreed: Their INSEAD MBA experience is the best time of their life.
Alexandra Wippler

Alexandra Wippler

Nationality/Passport: American Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: MBA Candidate

Tell us about yourself, and how you go to where you are today both on a professional and personal level?

I began my career as a Customer Success Manager at Oracle Corporation, where I worked with customers in a variety of industries, including the retail, food and beverage, and sports industries, to implement and gain value from their Oracle CX solutions.

Over the years, I developed a strong interest in the relationship between wellness and food and decided to move to an operational role at Whole Foods Market to develop a greater understanding of the industry.

Looking ahead in my career, I knew I wanted to shift to a more international company, and I was curious to explore different industries and roles. Pursuing an international MBA felt like the next best step for me to achieve this.   

What made you decide you wanted to pursue the INSEAD MBA, and why INSEAD in particular?

Pursuing an INSEAD MBA was a dream of mine for many years.

After having gone to school in the United States my whole life, I wanted to experience more diverse teaching styles, meet people from all over the world, and be introduced to new ways of thinking and working.

With INSEAD's diverse faculty and student body, I knew INSEAD would be the best place for me to experience all of this. I also love French culture and language, so I really liked the idea of being located in France for my studies.

Lastly, the offering of a one-year MBA was very appealing to me, as it would have been difficult to step away from work for two years. I wanted to be able to take what I've learned from my MBA and immediately apply it to my work. For these reasons, INSEAD was truly the perfect fit for me.   

Which campus(es) have you (and will you) experience, and can you tell us more about your experience on the campus(es) so far? How did you navigate accommodation, and sorting out all the admin?

I am at the Fontainebleau campus and have loved my time here. I am in my own apartment, which I found via an INSEAD Housing Facebook page.

Studying in Fontainebleau has allowed me to get to know my classmates really well. On campus, we are always spending time together at Freddy's, eating lunch outside, or working in the breakout rooms.

I love playing tennis, so I try to play with friends near campus whenever possible. We also do lots of group dinners around town or go to Paris for the weekend. 

Did you have any expectations before you started the MBA, and did you speak to any alumni before joining the programme?

I spoke with a few alumni and one current INSEAD MBA student who all gave me very interesting perspectives.

Everyone I spoke with agreed: Their INSEAD MBA experience is the best time of their life.

It is very fast-paced, and there are always multiple things going on that you will need to choose between. But the opportunities are endless!  

Could you tell us about your experience with the Career Development Centre so far?

My career coach, Gene, has really helped me uncover how to leverage my previous experience and interests to pursue different career paths. 

What advice will you give to prospects who are still considering whether an INSEAD MBA should be part of their career plan?

I am open to being contacted for more. I advise prospective students to talk to a diverse group of alumni and current students to better understand their experience at INSEAD and how it has helped them in their careers.