I believe the most valuable thing about the EMFin is that you can add value to the organisation during the course of the programme.
Carlos Müller Jiskra

Carlos Müller Jiskra

Carlos Müller Jiskra EMFin
Nationality/Passport: Peruvian Year of graduation: 2025 Current Role: Investment Director of Global Wealth at BBVA

Can you tell us about yourself and your professional background?

I am a finance professional with a bachelor's degree in business administration from Universidad de Lima, an MBA from Pacifico Business School, and a CFA Charterholder. I have experience working in pension funds, private banks, financial institutions, and asset management firms, with expertise in relationship management, fundraising activities for mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments.

Besides finance, I am passionate about art and have taken six years of classes in oil painting and art history. I have held several solo art exhibitions in Peru and the United States, and shown my work at art galleries and shops.

I am also a family man, married for over two years and have a nine-month-old daughter. I enjoy working out at the gym in the morning and commuting to work on an electric bike on weekdays. On weekends, I like to paint and spend time with my friends enjoying good wine.

Why did you choose to embark on the INSEAD Executive Master in Finance (EMFin), amongst other programmes out there?

I wanted to embark on a master’s in finance to enhance my skills and knowledge in finance, grow my professional network and challenge myself as a key decision-maker.

Although I considered other schools, INSEAD remained my first choice because of its global reputation and many of its alumni can be found in C-suite positions at top-tier financial institutions. In addition, the business school also offers an international perspective, which I feel is invaluable in today’s globally interconnected financial world. 

All in all, I see INSEAD as an ideal place to gain a deeper understanding of international markets and best practices.

Did the opportunity to study in Singapore play a part in your decision-making?

Yes. Singapore is a world-class innovation centre and a leading financial hub. Being part of this ecosystem gives me access to opportunities at the heart of Asia’s financial world. It also allows me to gain a broader perspective as I meet and learn from people all over the world. I believe that this intercultural experience will enrich me both personally and professionally.

I am very grateful to have received partial sponsorship from the Achievement Scholarship and Diversity Scholarship to help alleviate the costs of travelling from Peru to Singapore.

How was your classroom experience at INSEAD?

The first module was far more intense than I imagined it would be. We covered a lot of topics and cases within a day and I was struggling to give my best while dealing with jetlag.

Despite this, I enjoyed it very much. It was my first time in Singapore and I found the city beautiful. The faculty was exceptional and focused on developing critical thinking skills for real-world situations.

I am also part of an amazing and diverse cohort of professionals from various industries and countries. They each come with a wealth of experience and I feel our interactions have helped expand my perspective.

What would you say is the biggest highlight of doing the EMFin so far?

Being able to learn from and network with industry leaders from all over the world. The cohort is very supportive. I have built friendships with people from diverse backgrounds and we are always there for each other both academically and personally.

How can the EMFin experience add value to your work?

Each module leaves you with a wealth of knowledge that is applicable to your day-to-day work so you can improve what you do immediately. I believe this is the most valuable part of the EMFin: the fact that you can add value to the workplace during the course of the programme, and not only after you finish your studies.

Personally, I’ve already begun to see the impact of what I’ve learned, especially in my role on the investment committee for the company’s private debt strategy.

What are your plans post-graduation?

In the shorter run, I’d like to continue improving my financial knowledge and apply what I’ve learned in the programme to my day-to-day work. I plan to look out for potential product developments that have been implemented elsewhere in the world, but not yet in Peru, and to network with people who work as asset managers — especially those from Europe and Asia — whose companies do not do business in Latin America.

What’s the secret to juggling work, life and studying?

INSEAD's modular structure allows me to manage work, life, and studying well. I spend two weeks on campus completely dedicated to the programme and make the most of my time by being fully engaged in the classroom and when interacting with my classmates.

When I return home, I devote myself to quality time with my family, work, and preparing for the next module.

Any other advice for potential EMFin candidates?

INSEAD's EMFin programme is a tough but rewarding experience for finance professionals who want to take their careers to the next level. If you're thinking about applying, do your research and be prepared to work hard. It’s worth it!