I have been taught by the best in the world – what a privilege!
Deji Adesina

Deji Adesina

Deji Adesina
Nationality/Passport: Nigerian Year of graduation: 2016 Current Role:

What made you decide to do an MBA? And why INSEAD?

I had always wanted to do an MBA, particularly after my shift from engineering into business. My work as business development manager only served to strengthen my resolve. When the time came, I was particular about going to the top MBA school – with the most diverse experience and a fantastic one-year programme. INSEAD was a perfect fit!

Is INSEAD what you expected?

Wow! It’s much more than I expected. The classes have been fantastic and enlightening. The exercises, simulations and live projects have all been a great capability-building time for me. The interactions with the professors have been impressive, especially with their open approach, and they have been so helpful.

Can you say a little more about the faculty?

I have been taught by the best in the world – what a privilege! The INSEAD professors really are the best at what they do: making business leaders of MBA students. And their openness and passion makes for an excellent learning experience. 

Was there a particular module that you enjoyed most, and why?

I enjoyed the Finance modules a lot as they gave me a completely fresh perspective. However I most enjoyed the “New Business Ventures” course, which focused on building new businesses and running them successfully. It was practical, clearly outlined the principles for successful start-ups and, most importantly, answered the question: how to be a successful entrepreneur?

What are your plans after the MBA?

I am looking at a career switch. I want to move into a core business function to build my expertise in business management and leadership. I am also looking at changing geography to gain an even deeper understanding of the international business landscape. I believe that INSEAD prepares you to succeed in any industry or geography.

How will the MBA programme help you in your future career?

The MBA has definitely given me new knowledge that will be invaluable for my career. But I think it’s the uniqueness of the interactions and the network that the programme offers that will be key. Given that I intend to grow my international experience, all the engagements with my classmates from different cultural and behavioural contexts were a great rehearsal for what’s to come.