The programme far exceeds my expectations in terms of its practicality and manner of delivery, and thoroughly debunks any notion that one can obtain equivalent value from self-studying.
Elizabeth Kong

Elizabeth Kong

Nationality/Passport: Singaporean Year of graduation: 2024 Current Role: 3M, Asia General Counsel (Transportation & Electronics, Safety & Industrial, Enterprise Supply Chain)

Could you share a fun fact about yourself – what is something unexpected about you? 

My paternal grandparents were pig farmers in Guangzhou, China! Education being the great equaliser in society is a truth that resonates deeply with me. 

So, what made you decide to pursue the TIEMBA, and why did you choose INSEAD? 

TIEMBA stands out due to the combination of INSEAD’s ranking amongst the very best in the world for its MBA, coupled with Tsinghua’s in-depth expertise in the China market. 

Importantly, I was attracted to TIEMBA’s course structure, which allows for intensive classroom learning but in short spurts, so there is minimal disruption to my work commitments as the classroom learning can supplement ongoing real-world training. 

Equally, the value of the programme comes not only from the opportunity for discourse with world-class professors, but from peer-to-peer interactions and exchanges – INSEAD is renowned for the diversity of its student cohorts and it is beyond valuable to be plugged into the breadth of its global alumni network.   

If you were to describe your experience so far in one sentence, what would it be? 

Stretched, inspired and delighted, in equal measure.   

How has the TIEMBA helped you in your career so far?  

In my past life, my world revolved around mergers and acquisitions, financings, and listings, and my extensive legal experience in these areas imparted me with the instincts of negotiation, closing a deal, and the delicate art of team and client management. 

While these will always be my functional strengths, experiencing business from only one perspective paints an anaemic view of its myriad of complexities. Having set my sights on broadening my skillsets horizontally, I pivoted from private practice to working in a multi-national company and applied to TIEMBA with the intention of further fuelling my development as a "T-shaped" person who has broad knowledge across all critical functions in an organisation to solve even more complex problems in general management. 

TIEMBA, with its laser-focused curriculum on core management modules that are supplemented by a range of highly relevant electives for the leader of today, is truly a shot of steroid in the arm for me to achieve that goal.  

What are your thoughts about the multi-campus experience? 

It is refreshing to learn in the different campuses of INSEAD and Tsinghua across France, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and China, but the greater value lies in the privilege of meeting outstanding business and other thought leaders in these countries who are invited as guest speakers by INSEAD, Tsinghua or fellow classmates.  

Could you tell us more about your learning experience? The professors, curriculum, classmates? 

TIEMBA is the perfect amalgamation of an Eastern and Western business education, with professors from two top institutions having vastly different, but equally effective, styles of instruction. The programme’s content is cutting-edge and thought-provoking, and its quality of teaching, world-class. 

Mandatory examinations at the end of core modules ensure that academic rigour is retained. At the same time, there is emphasis on leadership development, with each candidate assigned to an executive coach throughout the programme duration to facilitate self- as well as group-reflection on potential areas of improvement.  

The programme far exceeds my expectations in terms of its practicality and manner of delivery, and thoroughly debunks any notion that one can obtain equivalent value from self-studying.

What advice would you give to someone who might be interested in pursuing an INSEAD Masters programme? 

Go for it – it will be one of your best investments in yourself.