The Master's in Management programme at INSEAD stood out as the superior choice, as it met all my criteria and offered an unparalleled learning environment compared to other similar degrees.
Liam Goodman

Liam Goodman

liam goodman
Nationality/Passport: Dutch, Irish Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: Founder at Goodman Advisory

Tell us about yourself, and how you got to where you are today both on a professional and personal level? 

Born and raised in The Netherlands, my upbringing was bilingual which, coupled with a family interest in technology and business, laid the groundwork for my career. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are a common sight in my family, and their influence directed me towards my own business endeavours.

In fact, my entrepreneurial journey began at 11, when I started selling chocolate bars on the playground of my primary school. This sparked a curiosity that led me to study business administration and data science. Armed with this academic background, I built a technology company after completing my undergraduate studies, and later joined the University of Amsterdam as an external lecturer in technology and strategy.

I enjoy work that aligns with my interests and allows for collaboration with a diverse set of people. I am also committed to sustainable development and aim to make a positive impact in this field.

What made you decide you wanted to pursue the INSEAD MIM, and why INSEAD in particular? 

Following the completion of my undergraduate degree in business administration, I embraced the role of an external lecturer, engaging with students pursuing their master's degrees in business administration and accountancy.

After two enriching years of guiding students, I made the decision to further my own education. Given the competitive landscape in The Netherlands, not possessing a graduate degree could pose potential risks.

In search of a master's degree, I wanted more than just an extension of business theory - I sought a holistic educational experience. Key factors that guided my decision were the opportunity to network with ambitious individuals, gain a wider global perspective, and thrive in high-pressure situations.

The Master's in Management programme at INSEAD stood out as the superior choice, as it met all my criteria and offered an unparalleled learning environment compared to other similar degrees.

Can you tell us more about any similarities or difference between the Singapore and Fontainebleau campuses? Any helpful tips/anecdotes on living in Fonty/living in Singapore?

The distinct environments of both campuses provided unique and complementary experiences. The initial part of the year in the picturesque town of Fontainebleau facilitated the creation of strong bonds amongst us, given the ample time we could spend together. Following this, our transition to Singapore allowed us to carry forward these deep connections and enjoy the business school experience amidst a tropical metropolis.

As a European in Singapore, the immersion into Asian culture left a lasting impression on me. It was a testament to the fact that a country can flourish and offer a quality of life significantly different from the Western lifestyle that I was accustomed to. This diversity was eye-opening and broadened my perspective on global success and lifestyle norms.

Did you have any expectations before you started the MIM, and did you speak to any alumni before joining the programme?

Before embarking on my journey with the MIM programme, I had established certain expectations based on insightful discussions with a former MIM'21 student and an MBA alum. Both individuals echoed a central virtue of INSEAD: While the faculty is world-class, the academics is still largely the same as other business schools. What truly sets INSEAD apart is the people.

The school cultivates a distinctively international atmosphere, filled with ambitious and intellectually gifted individuals.

Moreover, the sense of belonging at INSEAD is palpable; you are not merely a statistic, but an integral part of the institution. The challenging and intense year you spend in this milieu not only enhances your professional trajectory but also profoundly influences your personal development.

Could you tell us about your experience with the Career Development Centre?

My engagement with INSEAD began quite promptly after admission, particularly with the Career Development Centre (CDC). Even while still based in Amsterdam, I initiated strategic planning sessions with my career coach for my MIM journey and beyond.

My coach accurately identified the strengths and weaknesses in my professional profile. Together, we devised strategies to bolster my strengths and mitigate the areas that needed improvement.

Throughout the year, the CDC proved to be extremely accessible and invaluable, providing personalised insights that were instrumental in my career development.

What advice will you give to prospects who are still considering whether an INSEAD MIM should be part of their career plan?

The INSEAD MIM is highly differentiated from many other graduate degrees in terms of experience, outcome, and cost. When considering this programme, I advise looking beyond the immediate impact, such as securing a graduate role right after completion. It's crucial to consider the long-term value it brings.

Upon graduation, you gain a lifetime membership to one of the world's most vibrant and active alumni networks. You also earn the esteemed 'INSEAD badge', a mark of credibility that garners respect from executives, academics, and politicians globally.

Hence, when evaluating the investment – both in terms of money and other resources – it's worth considering a longer time horizon. The value that this programme provides extends far beyond the duration of the degree itself, reaping benefits for many years to come.

I am always happy to chat with prospective INSEADers.