The modular format of this programme is ideal for me as it allows me to juggle my role as a wife, mother and full-time work.
Linda Omara Koledade

Linda Omara Koledade

Nationality/Passport: UGA Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: Deal Maker

Why did you choose INSEAD’s EMFin, amongst other programmes out there?

The modular format of this programme is ideal for me as it allows me to juggle my role as a wife, mother and full-time work. I was also drawn by the cutting-edge electives and strategic leadership courses offered in this degree.

What made you decide to embark on a master programme with the pandemic situation going on?

The pandemic halted the majority of social activities, travel as well as the daily commute to the office.

Though I always had my eye on this degree programme, the pandemic created a rare opportunity of free time and I was determined to use this time productively.

How was your module 1 experience on Zoom?

Though I missed out on valuable face time with my classmates and various professors, the lectures were still an incredible experience to immerse oneself in very relevant finance topics taught by very experienced professors. The lectures were intense with a lot of content covered daily, and each lecture was also interactive and included a range of breakout sessions that allowed for discussions in smaller groups.

Did you have many opportunities to get to know your classmates virtually? If yes, please share your thoughts on your classmates.

Yes, I got to meet my classmates virtually before the start of the programme, and further all through module 1 we got to interact during lectures, breakout groups and while working on class assignments. Hearing each person’s perspective and real-life examples made the lectures that much more interesting to attend.

The EMFin'23 class includes a diverse mix of individuals from all over the world, with in-depth finance experience and expertise.

Given the time difference, how did you manage module 1, work and family?

Lectures started at 8.30am Singapore time, this is 2.30am in South Africa! I was on maternity leave during module 1, so thankfully my work was already on hold. However, I have a small baby and young child to look after, so I am thankful that I had great support from my husband and others in my household. I had prepared them all to be ready to stand by in the gap for two weeks while I was in class for eight hours. I had to re-organise my life – for example I slept a lot earlier in order to wake up fresh at 2am to ensure that I was able to get the most out of each day.

As a woman juggling studies, home front and family - support structure is everything.