There’s always someone with relevant experience in each class, which adds a new dimension to everything you learn.
Linn Tonsberg

Linn Tonsberg

Linn Tonsberg
Nationality/Passport: Norwegian Year of graduation: 2012 Current Role: Board Director I Energy Leader I DE&I Champion

Why did you decide to do your MBA at INSEAD?

I only applied to INSEAD. I chose it because I wanted to study for a top MBA in Asia and because my father did the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD a few years back. He’s always been passionate about the school and now it’s my turn.

Was INSEAD what you expected?

I’ve moved every three years since I was born, so the international environment feels like home. I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in the Middle East, Europe, and the US studied in the US and worked in Asia, including Singapore. But I’m in a whole new Singapore now that I’m experiencing it through INSEAD! The campus is a wonderful mixture of the laid back and the intense, full of high-energy, hard-working, motivated people. I was prepared for that to some extent. But the fast-paced environment has affected me far more than I thought. It’s challenged all my assumptions and turned everything upside down on a personal, professional and intellectual level.

How would you describe the classroom experience?

It’s incredibly interactive with constant discussion. There’s always someone with relevant experience in each class, which adds a new dimension to everything you learn. And, whatever you’re covering in class, the professors tell you how you’ll use it in your later career.

What is your favourite class so far?

Surprisingly, it’s Statistics. I studied International Relations at university, so I knew the quantitative subjects would be challenging. Yet Professor Anil Gaba makes statistics not only relevant but fun.

What is your study group like?

It’s me and four guys: French, Korean, Lebanese, Pakistani all from different backgrounds ¦ and very strong characters. I read a case on my own and see it one way. Then I talk to the group and see it entirely differently! And we just had to write an Organisational Behaviour essay together in just a few hours, which worked out really well. Being part of this group has been one of the biggest personal growth experiences of my life.

What activities are you involved in?

There’s always something going on whether it’s a National Week or a student club meeting. I always have the feeling that there aren’t enough hours in my day. The National Weeks are a lot of fun, but they also teach you what people appreciate about their own culture. As for INSEAD Women in Business, it’s been a great support. In fact, the women here are so strong that it doesn’t feel as if we’re outnumbered. I see it as part of my responsibility as a future MBA graduate to focus on women’s issues and to give something back to the women coming after me. That’s what the INSEAD Women in Business club is all about.