Joining INSEAD for this Summer School was great because it taught me a lot regarding my future goals.
Martim Carvalhosa

Martim Carvalhosa

Nationality/Passport: Portuguese Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: ISS 2023 Participant

Could you share something unexpected about you? 

I learned how to juggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tell us about yourself, and how you got to where you are today both on a professional and personal level?

I am a dedicated person and I usually meet the deadlines I impose myself. That way, I can attempt doing loads of things!

What motivated you to choose the INSEAD Summer School, and how do you envision it aligning with your future goals, even at this early stage? 

I have the ambition of being an entrepreneur and leader in the business area. 

Joining INSEAD for this Summer School was great because it taught me a lot regarding my future goals.

Tell us about your experience on the ISS – what was a typical day like? 

We would wake up and have breakfast together by 8:30am. Then, by 8:45am we would have to be in the amphi for the first morning session. We would then spend the morning learning various subjects with great teachers - mostly practical work among different groups. That way, we would foster friendships while learning about interesting things! 

After lunch we would keep up with the lectures during the afternoon, almost until dinner time. After that, we had free time to bond before sleeping!

Any memorable moments that you will take back with you? 

I loved the group environment in all activities, specially the talent show and the closing ceremony. These moments were so special and I'll take them with me for the rest of my life.

What were your impressions of campus life? 

You can feel the great environment on campus, and you can tell everyone's so attentive and caring towards others! Honestly, a great place to be at.

Could you share a little about your application process, and making your way to Fontainebleau? 

I had to write an essay and answer some video questions. Also, I needed to get a couple recommendation letters and university transcripts to present to INSEAD's admission committee. It took me a couple weeks but it was worth the effort!

Any parting words of wisdom, and are you willing to be contacted for more information by prospective students? 

Yes, I am willing to be contacted. For me, the most important lesson should be: work hard, play hard!