With classmates and faculty from all corners of the globe, the learning experience is remarkable.
Osen Iyahen

Osen Iyahen

Osen Iyahen
Nationality/Passport: Nigerian Year of graduation: 2012 Current Role: Integration Leader Power Services, GE Power

What motivated you to pursue an MBA at INSEAD?

Having received an undergraduate degree and worked professionally in the United States, I was keen to broaden my social and business network. Furthermore, as a professional with over a decade of work experience and a mother of two young children, a 10-month programme was much more appealing than a traditional two-year MBA.

What do you think an INSEAD MBA gives you that other MBAs don’t?

It exposes me to global business perspectives. With classmates and faculty from all corners of the globe, the learning experience is remarkable. In addition, there’s the campus exchange. INSEAD has given me the opportunity to experience life in Asia, where I began the programme, and ultimately in Europe, where I’ll complete it.

What was your favourite class so far and why?

Without a doubt, it was Organisational Behaviour. It was a real eye-opener as I learnt a lot about human interactions and how much more effective you can become by gaining a better understanding of yourself, others and organisations.

What career do you plan to pursue? And how is INSEAD helping you to achieve it?

I’d like to pursue a career in general management in Nigeria within the energy sector. Thus far, I’ve been able to connect with several alumni through the INSEAD alumni network. They’ve been very responsive in providing careers advice and senior-level contacts in my target companies. The alumni network is a huge asset. It’s opened doors that otherwise would have been closed to me

What is the key thing you will take away from INSEAD when you leave?

My key take-away is learning how to balance work and family life effectively. As a wife and mother to two young children, I’ve had to juggle many important responsibilities while enrolled in the programme. For me, being able to balance the intense academic workload, active social life and quality time with my family has been a constant challenge. I’m confident that the experience has prepared me for similar challenges in the future, as I pursue a career in management while nurturing my family.

How would you describe life in Singapore?

Living in Singapore has been thoroughly enjoyable. There is so much to do and see, the weather is good, the food is great and the people are warm and friendly. The campus atmosphere is likewise very relaxed and intimate. For all these reasons, Singapore feels like home away from home to me. Singapore has also been a great location for my family. There is so much for kids to do. I take my boys out every weekend to one attraction or another and yet there is still so much to see. 

What activities are you involved in outside of classes?

During my first period at INSEAD, I participated in organising Africa Week. We exposed students and faculty to African food and wines, and shared some live music at our “Out of Africa Gala”. There was also a panel discussion on financing growth, which helped to show Africa as an emerging continent with lots of business opportunities.

How did INSEAD help you as a parent in the programme?

First of all, I needed a nanny to help out with the kids once I arrived in Singapore. The Student Life office on the Singapore campus was extremely helpful. They supported me throughout the settling-down period and provided me with all the information I needed to go about hiring a nanny. Once I found someone, I was able to focus fully on my studies knowing that my boys were in good hands while I was on campus.