INSEAD is an equal opportunity and inclusive for anyone regardless of region or background.
Sultan Sunmola

Sultan Sunmola

Nationality/Passport: Nigerian Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: Management Assistant

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?
Idealistic, goal-getting, over-ambitious dude that will keep pushing limits with tact and sound judgement towards innovation and disruption. 
What were you doing before you joined INSEAD?  
Summarily, I have been honing my skills following my North star. Defining my North star will shed more light on my fun fact.

I like making things happen and seeing ideas evolve into reality.

My engineering background already helps me. My interests lie in social impact projects, building strong relationships, learning, doing and accomplishing great stuff. My North star is being a global change agent.

And can you tell me why you decided to apply for the MIM? What are your goals post-MIM?  
I got to know about INSEAD through a friend who is an alumnus. He spoke highly of INSEAD and I started digging. I loved every detail and fact I uncovered about INSEAD. I was particular about attending a business school that has produced many others before me who have similarly challenged the status quo. 

Being a part of the INSEAD community, learning under the top-tier faculties, robust curriculum, promising facilities, incredible cultural and academic atmosphere of renowned professors in these fields, and fellow INSEADers will assist me in honing my independent thinking and research skills for sustainable and impactful inventions.

This programme represents a lifetime investment in my professional goals for me.

With my experience, I will be able to quench my idealistic aspirations and gain the prowess necessary to establish myself among highly skilled professionals worldwide.  

In conclusion, I am confident that this programme is a logical extension of my academic pursuits and a significant step toward achieving my goal of utilising innovation and management towards problem-solving. 

It’s been a whirlwind first few weeks, how has everything been going? Memorable moments so far? First impressions?  

I must say, it has surpassed every bit of expectation I initially had. It has been an amazing environment filled with positive energy.

Right from the start, I could already feel the synergy among my colleagues and MBA students alike. It has been dynamic, fast-paced, and filled with tons of energy. Lectures have been characterised by contributions from my colleagues without intimidation. I would say I learn from my colleagues as much as I learn from my professors; if not more! I am also fascinated by the impact of seemingly random views in helping to uncover truths that I haven’t heard of.

More so, it has become obvious that my perspective or any other singular perspective is not enough to provide solutions. 

What are you most looking forward to during the rest of the programme?  

I look forward to acquiring a business agility mindset, improving my interpersonal skills, and problem-solving with my colleagues on solutions to societal challenges. Lastly, I can’t wait to embark on study trips. 

Any tips for anyone who might be interested in pursuing a MIM in the future?  

INSEAD provides equal opportunity and is inclusive for anyone regardless of region or background. I would urge anyone to take these three things very seriously – receptiveness to learning, belief in matching intensity and consider joining INSEAD as a life-changing opportunity. 
Parting words of wisdom?  

Borrowing from the words of Georges Doriot, “Without action, the world will still be an idea”. Let us be intentional with our actions. Dream. Do. Even if it takes decades.