Working closely with our MBA students and recruiters, the Employer Engagement Team at INSEAD brings in the views of what industries need, and helps our MBA students develop a value proposition that makes them attractive to employers. With INSEAD’s three campuses in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, recruiters benefit by having a footprint in each of these geographies when hiring talents for global recruitments.

Beyond working with MBA students and employers to find the right candidates for the right jobs, what makes the Employer Engagement Team successful, is when they are seen as trusted advisors by both companies and students. Watch this video to find out more.


Natalie Chan Associate Director, Employer Engagement for Asia Pacific

Chris Higgins Assistant Director, Employer Engagement for Technology, Media, Start-ups & SMEs

Ivy Kwan, Director of Europe Campus & Global Director of Employer Engagement

Karen Quanborough, Global Recruiting Director, Accenture Strategy

Cintia Tavella, South East Asia Financial Controller, Diageo, MBA ‘07D

Douglas Garner, IBCM Campus Recruiter, Credit Suisse

Andrew Levitt, Social Impact Bonds Bridges Ventures, MBA ‘09D

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