If you want to build a career in finance, joining the INSEAD MBA will open amazing opportunities for you in the industry. With the help of the Career Development Centre, students get support from sector specialists who can connect them with employers and recruiters from all over the globe. Through the CDC, they also gain access to the school's vast alumni network, so they can reach out to fellow INSEADers with careers in financial services.

Ultimately, the MBA programme itself is designed to prepare students to succeed in different finance roles—from investment banking to private equity. Not only do they acquire a solid finance base, they also develop an unmatched ability to adapt to the challenges of the industry, thanks to the fast, intense pace of the INSEAD MBA and their exposure to diversity.


Christelle Cuenin, Associate Director Development (Corporate)

Andrew Levitt, Social Impact Bonds Bridges Ventures, MBA ‘09D

Douglas Garner, IBD Graduate Recruiter, Credit Suisse

David Kitterick, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley, MBA ‘08D

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