Originally from France, Florence obtained a BSc in International Management and Modern Languages from the University of Bath (UK), spent a year studying and working in Chile, and has completed several international internships in consulting, marketing and sales. 

In this video, she talks about why she decided to be part of the first generation of MIM students, what the admissions process has been like, the structure of the programme and main takeaways so far, as well as her impressions of her classmates and what it has been like to embark on the programme under these unique circumstances. 

Florence is also a student ambassador at MASTERGRADSCHOOLS.

Content in this video

00:00 - Introduction

01:04 - Why did you decide to participate in the first MIM program at INSEAD?

02:37 - Do you interact with INSEAD MBA students also?

03:23 - What is the MIM programme class profile?

04:40 - Was it difficult to get admitted to the programme?

05:52 - Did COVID-19 impact your studies?

07:29 - How is the MIM program structured?

09:48 - How are you being evaluated? How would you describe your workload?

12:24 - Tell us about the student clubs

13:46 - Where do you stay during your studies at INSEAD?

15:08 - Biggest learning moment for you thus far?

16:58 - What does INSEAD's mission statement 'a force for good' mean to you?

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