INSEAD’s Master in Management (MIM) is the ideal launchpad for a global career. The academic content of the programme equips students with skills that are in demand by the world’s top employers, while hands-on projects ensure graduates have practical knowledge and experience they can immediately apply in their jobs upon graduation.

We caught up with (now former) Agnes Cosnier-Loigerot, Global Director at the Career Development Center, to find out more about MIM career perspectives and the actual job search preparation. 


Agnes, tell us what kind of careers MIM graduates can embark on?

The MIM programme will prepare students for a wide range of career choices across different industry sectors, including consulting, financial services/banking, high tech and diversified industries (such as consumer goods and foods, industrials and materials, healthcare, media, leisure and tourism, etc.).

Students will also be able to access a range of functional areas, from project management to finance, sales and marketing, supply chain and operations and many more.

So in a nutshell, the world of business is open to MIM graduates!



Sounds great! But what if students are not sure yet which sector or functional area they should aim for? Will there be any help for getting started?

Yes, definitely! We invite all students to utilise the opportunities here on campus to learn as much as possible about the different options available, and find their field of interest.

In fact, career planning activities are woven into the MIM programme from day one.

We have developed a whole career preparation journey called Career Launcher, to guide students along the way. Our programme has three steps: Assess, Aim and Accelerate.

During the “Assess” stage, we’ll help students to identify their unique skills, attributes and motivations, which is the foundation for the next stage.

In “Aim” they will match their individual set of skills and drivers to complementing industries and job roles, and define job search strategies to prepare for the final step.

“Accelerate” is finally all about professional networking, CV preparation and interview skills.

Along the journey, our team partners with students to help them explore their career ambitions and map them against the ever-changing employment market.

Individual career coaching sessions and the interaction with an Employer Engagement Specialist will allow them to smoothly prepare for and activate their job search strategy.

Having said that, students can also fast forward their career planning activities and jump into recruitment straight away, provided they know what they want and have identified the right opportunities.



What exactly do Employer Engagement Specialists do?

Employer Engagement Specialists function like a bridge between our students and the outside world of work. They have very deep knowledge of specific industries, functions and countries, and regularly engage with hundreds of companies, alumni as well as key players from various entrepreneurship and tech ecosystems.

At INSEAD, their commitment is to educate students about career opportunities and brief them on industry and recruitment trends.


Students may also wonder if there is a placement service upon graduation?

Since MIM graduates have very diverse career options and interests, we do not provide a placement service.

Our aim is to equip students with the relevant skills and knowledge so they are able to take ownership of their individual career journey, and make empowered decisions. They will benefit from these skills throughout their whole career.


Makes sense! But what kind of salary can students expect after graduation?

Salary and other benefits will of course vary depending on the individual company, function, sector and work country. Students should rest assured that our team will accompany them through the process of salary negotiations.

For the latest employment statistics, please check here


Finally, what advice would you give incoming MIM students to prepare for the recruitment period?

My advise would be to take the time and reflect on what really motivates you in life, and where your passions lie. Do some research on what industries and companies interest you, but keep an open mind as well!

Recruiters look for young talent who are curious to learn new things, and who can adapt quickly. Once on campus, do take up all the opportunities available as part of the Career Launcher programme.

Let the INSEAD experience inspire you, and I can’t wait to see how far you’ll go!   

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