Executive MBA (EMBA) participants have diverse needs for career support, whether they are already on their way to building a successful career in their current organisation, or looking to progress in a new organisation or a new field.

At INSEAD, the Career Development Team for Working Professionals (CDWP) offers a wealth of resources, events, workshops and tools to support you in the process of self-discovery and exploration. In conjunction with the Leadership Development Programme (LDP), your career development journey at INSEAD can be articulated in three steps: Reflect, Develop and Execute.

But what does this mean in action?

The EMBA Career Development Journey  

GEMBA Career Development Journey

The EMBA Career Development Journey is designed to allow you to progress through the different stages of career exploration in step with the main EMBA curriculum. However, the above is just an example of a typical timeline. Depending on your objectives and needs, you may choose to follow a non-linear or completely different trajectory. 

Regardless of which route or tools you choose, the CDWP team will be there to support you along the way. 

A Key Pillar: Career Coaching

The CDWP’s in-house career advisors are your first point of contact, always at hand to meet you one-to-one during on-campus sessions, as well as virtually in between modules. Their role is to understand your career needs and to empower, encourage and guide you so that you have the clarity to decide on your next steps. In addition, they are your cheerleader, supporting you during the entire EMBA journey.  

The in-house career advisors will also help you to make the most out of your career coaching sessions, offered by a network of affiliated external career coaches. Each coach has a unique industry background and expertise, and you get to choose whom you would like to work with. Your chosen coach will be working closely with you to help you develop your personal branding, career plan, and if desired, career search strategy. 

INSEAD EMBA career coaching

During the EMBA programme, you are eligible to book five one-to-one sessions with your career coach and two dedicated CV reviews, besides having unlimited access to the in-house career advisor.

For advice on specific industry sectors, online sector briefings are available. If you would like to have a more in-depth discussion, you can also book an appointment with an Employer Engagement Specialist.  

They function as a bridge between participants and the outside world of work, with very deep knowledge of specific industries, functions and countries. Their role is to educate participants about career opportunities, and brief you on industry and recruitment trends.

Multiple Strategies for Reaching Out

While the CDWP team does not connect participants directly with employers through CV introductions, you can opt to have your professional profile published in the INSEAD Executive Profile Book, which is published twice a year and shared with a wide network of recruiters who can, in turn, reach out to you for specific roles. 

Besides using the resources available through the CDWP, fine-tuning your strategy on LinkedIn, as well as connecting with your peers in class and the alumni network, much of your success will also depend on your own personal outreach and initiatives. When opportunities become more concrete, the in-house advisors can even conduct mock interviews with you and give advice on salary negotiations. 

Achieving Personal Fulfilment 

In whichever way you define career success, during the INSEAD EMBA, we encourage you to take a step back and engage in reflection and self-discovery. What are your strengths, what are your limitations, and what are the things that truly make you happy? Ultimately, our goal is to help you engineer not just greater success at work but also personal and professional fulfillment. 

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