As one of the top EMBA programmes in the world, INSEAD’s Executive MBA participants go through a rigorous transformation process that redefines their leadership skills as well as their career aspirations.

The career aspirations can be acceleration to a higher role in their organisation, transition to a new geography, functional area or industry, transition to entrepreneurship or an exploration of options. As you will see in our 2021 Employment report, there are a variety of outcomes, which reflects the varied aspirations of Executive MBA participants. 

Along their journey, participants are supported by INSEAD's Career Development Centre for Working Professionals which offers a wealth of resources and practical help to support the process of self-discovery and exploration. Read more about the CDC's activities here

In this report, we surveyed the Global Executive MBA and Tsinghua-Executive MBA classes of 2021.

Of the 164 respondents, 68% of our alumni changed employer and 74% of them secured a higher position. 11% have created or returned to their own companies, pursuing the entrepreneurial path.

We are also happy to report that 55% of participants changed one, two or three career dimensions (sector, function or geography).

Each class has an unparalleled diversity of nationalities and business backgrounds that is reflected in the career paths our graduates follow.

What they all have in common, though, is a strong desire to take action towards making their dream a reality. 

We invite you to take a look at the EMBA'21 Employment Statistics Report to see the impact INSEAD’s Executive MBA programme had on participants’ careers and the opportunities that resulted from taking on this transformational journey.

Download the 2021 Executive MBA Employment Report


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