With dedicated resources at your disposal from the day you start your Executive MBA journey, INSEAD’s career development curriculum has been specifically designed to support candidates to reach their desired career outcomes. Whether seeking growth within a current organisation, looking to explore a new career path, or embarking on a new venture – the career development team is there to support you every step of the way.

We surveyed our EMBA'18 graduates to find out where they are now in their careers. Here are a few of our key findings to help you understand the potential career outlooks of INSEAD Executive MBA graduates, 18 months post-graduation. 

While still enrolled in the programme, a change in employment status was indicated by 21% of the participants, of which 27% had taken on a new role within companies they were already employed at. 

The overall employment rate 18 months after graduation is an astounding 96%. Segmented into three distinct categories, this includes 51% who opted to remain with the same company but accelerated to a more senior role or changed functions or geographies, 32% who moved to a new employment opportunity, and 13% that created or grew their own venture(s). Though overall a compensation increase across all three categories was at 25%, it is remarkable to note that those who moved internally achieved an even higher average compensation increase of 28%.

The benefits that Executive MBA participants stand to gain don't stop here. The value of their EMBA translates into compensation improvements, sector switches, relocations to different geographies and recognisable company brands where they continue their career path. 

Highest Paying Sectors

The most significant compensation increases were reported amongst EMBA graduates who took on more senior roles within the Financial Services, Transportation Sector and TMT Industry.



Geographical Changes

28% of EMBA graduates relocated to different countries to pursue careers, with those from Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific having moved to Europe and North America. 



Top Locations Where INSEAD EMBA Graduates Pursued their Careers

Singapore, United Arab Emirates, France and Switzerland were the most popular destinations among EMBA graduates. 



EMBA'18 alumni are employed at some of the top companies in the world

Along with a vast list of employers, EMBA alumni continue to be top candidates for A-list employers globally. 



We invite you to take a look at the EMBA'18 Employment Statistics Report to see the impact INSEAD’s Executive MBA programme had on participants’ careers and the opportunities that resulted from taking on this transformational journey.

INSEAD EMBA 2018 Employment Report

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