The INSEAD Summer School Class of 2023 saw a group of 62 undergraduate students from more 20 countries come together on the INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau, France, for one transformational summer. Read on below to meet some members of this class, to find out more about their stories, their motivations for joining the INSEAD Summer School and their aspirations for the future.

"The INSEAD Summer School provided me with the opportunity to enhance my leadership and decision-making skills."

Alexis Ramos Alvarado
Undergraduate student at Universidad del Pacífico


Alexis is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Economics. He sees the INSEAD Summer School as a stepping stone towards a more global perspective.

"In today's highly globalised world, forgoing the advantages of free trade, tourism, and more is simply unthinkable", he shares. "The programme has equipped me with valuable skills and insights that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavours." 

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"What I gained from the experience is the realisation that a global orientation and cultural openness are essential and that both open up many new opportunities."

Johanna Schmuckler
Undergraduate student at Esade


Johanna is currently studying a double degree in Business Administration and Artificial Intelligence. She joined the programme as she was attracted by the school's mission to bring together people, cultures and ideas to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society.

"I really enjoyed the very international learning environment and the fact that the participants were not only business or management students, but also from very different career paths", Johanna says.

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"The people you are going to meet are inspiring. You will get to know more about yourself and ultimately get to move closer to your goal."

Jira Jadekittichoke
Associate Consultant at Gallup


Jira completed a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and is currently working in management consulting. He hails from a family of entrepreneurs and has ambitious plans to start his own business too. 

"With such a goal in mind, I seek and seize every opportunity to qualify myself. This drove me to the INSEAD Summer School", he says.

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"The INSEAD Summer School provided an unparalleled environment, both in terms of the classroom diversity and the coursework involved."

Ayushi Kapoor
Client Servicing and Strategy at Landor & Fitch


Ayushi has a foundation in liberal arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Psychology and aims to launch a career in key management areas like strategy and branding. 

"INSEAD is the right next step for me to pursue my career goals while learning in an environment that is diverse and at the forefront of management, leadership and business", says Ayushi. 

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"The programme gave me the right insights as to what I envision for my career."

Lorenzo Girola
Undergraduate student at Bocconi University


Lorenzo pursues a Bachelor's degree in International Economics and Management and joined the INSEAD Summer School to get a glimpse of what managing a company really means.

"The leadership session outdoors was one of the most memorable moments, as it was at the beginning of our experience and set the expectations very high for what INSEAD was, and what it could give me on a personal and professional level", he says.

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"The professors were extremely accomplished and worked hard to ensure that the students remained as engaged as possible."

Leona Dogra
Undegraduate student at UCL


Leona is currently studying in the final year of her Bachelor degree in European Social and Political Studies, specialising in Economics. She is particularly interested in understanding how society can use business as a force for good in a globalised and interconnected world.

"My summer at INSEAD has solidified my belief that this is an institution that truly reflects the values I hold while also providing academic rigour", she shares.

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