Gearing up, getting ready and go! Hot on the heels of the final application deadline, P0 is an online module for all admitted students.

It comprises three topics that lay the foundations for the MIM programme, as well as two optional elements and plenty of introduction and networking opportunities.

You will be able to work through P0 at your own pace. The module can be completed at a gentler rhythm over the span of two months, or within a more intense three to four weeks.


1. Career Curriculum

The career curriculum in P0 is designed to prepare you to start your job search as early as P1:

All about you: Engage in a comprehensive self-reflection process to assess your values, motivations, and preferred style of work. Deepen your reflection about your career goals and craft a vision. 

Tools for a successful job search: Learn how to compose effective CVs and cover letters, optimise your presence and strategy on LinkedIn, and develop your personal branding pitch.

In addition, you will start to explore specific sector information on various industries and career paths in an engaging and interactive format. 


2.    Art of Communication

Delivering your message with confidence, style and passion is an art. If you want to succeed in today’s business world, excellent communication skills are absolutely vital. 

In this course, you will learn how to get your voice heard to bring about change and get things done. These skills will also go a long way in helping you to land that job, to secure that start-up investment, or to get sign-off on your proposed project.

The key learning outcomes for this course are:

  • Assess your audience in order to capture their interest
  • Structure a clear and concise message that gets to the point and keeps to time
  • Develop strong voice skills and understand the impact of good body language
  • Learn professional techniques to overcome nerves and enhance your confidence
  • Present with impact on your own or with your colleagues as a strong, unified team
  • Improve your presentations in English where it is not your first language
  • Produce powerful visual aids


3.    Programming Essentials 

Imagine in your job, you are requested to help implement a “tech” strategy, leveraging the latest tools in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. To deliver the project, you won’t need to actually be a programmer yourself, but you should know the basics and be able to communicate effectively with others in your team who may be experts in the field.

This course will broaden your notions of AI technology, and develop your understanding of issues faced by teams active in this space. We will also deep dive into R and Python, two open-source programming languages that will aid you to make better decisions in many managerial disciplines, from economics to finance to marketing. You will learn how these languages work, and engage with some practical applications to analyse and interpret data sets. In later periods of the MIM programme you will also be able to use these skills for tasks that rely on the basics of AI and machine learning.


4.    Language Courses (optional)

The INSEAD MIM programme is taught exclusively in English. Therefore, fluent English is a prerequisite for admission to the programme. However, we strongly believe in the importance of an international outlook and the ability to work effectively in multiple cultures. 

As such, we also require candidates to demonstrate at least practical knowledge of another language and basic knowledge of a third language before graduating. Click here for more details about the INSEAD language policy. 
P0 offers you the opportunity to study a selection of languages and complete the certification requirements, if needed. 


5.    Exploring Management Challenges (optional)

In the real world, management decisions don’t fall into neat boxes of business-school disciplines. You will often face complex problems that require broad and cross-disciplinary reflection, with no easy or immediately obvious answers. 
During this course, you will have the opportunity to explore a case study developed for the MBA programme, to dip your toes in the water and start discovering the many facets of managerial decision-making.



Ease into Learning, Network and Bond as a Class

"P0 is very useful to have a taster of the academic lifestyle before coming to campus"

Francesca Fitzgerald

Francesca Fitzgerald
BA Modern Languages: Spanish and Portuguese

"I’ve really enjoyed the P0 experience, it’s been a great way to ease myself into the way and pace of learning at INSEAD. On a practical level, it was also a good way to get to grips with the functionality of the various online platforms that INSEAD uses. P0 contains lots of videos and video lectures from staff and faculty members, which made for a much more personal learning experience than just written materials.

As a recent round five admit, it has been quite fast-paced but it’s been good to learn so many new skills quickly, and it has really brought our cohort together. P0 is very useful to have a taster of the academic lifestyle before coming to campus – I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone in person soon!”

Mohamed El Kurdi

Mohamad El Kurdi 
BBA Finance & Marketing

“P0 is an ideal way to warm up our engines before we go deep into the programme. It provided us with a range of courses specifically tailored to our needs and an opportunity for networking and to bridge the gap between classmates.

Many of us did not know anyone else from the class at the beginning, so P0 provided us with a common ground and a sense of belonging at INSEAD.”


"P0 has provided such a common experience that has brought us all together before even stepping into the campus!"

Raag Sanjay

Raag Sanjay 
Political Science in Philosophy 

“I was surprised at how the online modules in P0 became a foundation for us to communicate and bond with each other as classmates, even before even seeing each other in person. 

With each of us going through the same course materials, I’ve been overwhelmed by how much support we could provide each other when it came to answering questions or clarifying any doubts. P0 has provided such a common experience that has brought us all together before even stepping into the campus!”

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