The INSEAD Master in Management is designed to give graduates a head start in today’s business world. To succeed, they must have an edge in both technology and people skills, as well as an understanding of the world’s most pressing issues, and how business and society must innovate to be a force for good.

The curriculum design followed a well-thought-out and inclusive consultation process involving faculty, the school board as well as recruiters, to gather feedback on what skills and knowledge today’s MIM graduates are lacking in the workplace.

This process led us to create a programme that profoundly caters to the needs of the graduate job market, by offering practical and experiential learning that equips students with a competitive advantage and enables them to successfully launch a fulfilling global management career.

In this series, we take an in-depth look at each of the five study periods, to discover what students can expect during their MIM journey at INSEAD.



Period 0

Gearing up, getting ready and go! Hot on the heels of the final application deadline, P0 is an online module for all admitted students that you can work through at your own pace. 

P0 lies the foundations for the MIM programme, and also comprises of plenty introduction and networking opportunities.

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Period 1

Having completed P0, everyone gathers on the INSEAD Fontainebleau Campus in September to begin the programme.

This is where you get to meet your home group, complete your first set of Core Courses, and find out what the MIM Practicals are all about. 

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Period 2

Period 2

P2 beckons with deep dives into Machine Learning, Valuation and Microeconomics, while the Practical will get you hands-on in analysing the intricacies of business acquisitions. 

You also will be assigned a new P2 study group, giving you the opportunity to form close bonds with other classmates and stretch your teambuilding skills even further.  

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Period 3

In the P3 Core Courses, you will cover Accounting, Operations and understand the intersection between business, government and public policy.

The Practicals will take you into world of start-ups and entrepreneurship, improve your negotiation skills and open up insights into doing business in the Middle East. 

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INSEAD Master in Management P4

Period 4

P4 takes place in Singapore. Academically, there is a heavy emphasis on Strategy, as you will tackle this topic both in the core courses as well as the Practicals, while further refining your teamwork and negotiation skills.

By now, you will also be busy with interviews and applying for jobs which makes P4 particularly special.

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INSEAD Master in Management P5

Period 5

In Period 5, the last module of the programme, you will get to choose eight electives from a range of courses.

All courses are designed with a focus on innovation, so you will graduate with knowledge and skills that will allow you to jump right into action the moment you start work. 

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INSEAD Master in Management

Professional Exposure

You will conclude your MIM journey by applying what you have learnt by joining a company, either as an intern or a full-time employee.

The professional exposure period allows you to build work experience and conduct a final analysis on the industry you have joined.

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