Our Executive Master in Finance (EMFin) Class of 2024 participants started their first module in September 2022 on campus in Singapore.

We caught up with a few of them to find out about their impressions so far, what motivated them to embark on the EMFin programme and some advice they would share with prospective candidates.

INSEAD EMFIN Class of 2024

"If your core objective is obtaining a solid Master in Finance and becoming a full-stack finance professional, the INSEAD EMFin is the right destination."

EMFIN Targo Egami

Taro Egami
Principal, Head of ESG at Hibiki Path Advisors


Taro is an investor and shareholder engagement practitioner with 10 years of experience in the finance sector. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture and Environmental Economics from Kyoto University. 

Taro is experienced in cross-border M&As and bond/equity financing transactions in various industries including tech, chemicals, trading, banking, insurance, and REITs with stints in Japan, the US and Singapore.

"Obtaining at least a Master’s degree from a globally accredited institution has been on my lifelong agenda," he shares, "but the question was which school and when."

"Fortunately, I got a chance to work in Singapore and had opportunities to attend information sessions with both INSEAD’s EMFin and MBA. The EMFin seemed to be the best fit and aligned with my objectives and past career because it offered a well-organised, comprehensive curriculum for financial professionals."

"Everybody in our cohort has a solid background in the finance field and most importantly, are all open-minded. A small class held in a face-to-face setting enables us to interact with professors and classmates, and it makes the learning experience more dynamic and energetic."

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"The classroom experience is very precious."


Elene Wang
Manager, Corporate Finance and Investment


Elene is a corporate finance professional with experience in the real estate, oil and gas, and energy industries. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and a Charter Valuer and Appraiser certificate.

"As a finance, valuation and investment professional, my current work responsibilities, as well as my future career plans, will continue to develop within the finance field," says Elene.

"As I have more than 10 years of working experience in the industry, I need to learn skills at a higher grade.

Compared with other possibilities on the market, the syllabus and design of the EMFIN programme is more in line with my requirements in this area," she shares.

"I am very grateful to be able to sit in the classroom again and have a face-to-face learning exchange opportunity with professors and classmates. Such an experience is very precious. With the help and guidance from the professors, we have learned from each other despite coming from different industry backgrounds.

The professors allow us to conduct comprehensive analyses and make judgments on the latest changes in the industry and the market, as well as market orientation, and at the same time build our thinking mode to deal with problems effectively."

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"The quality of the faculty is really great."

INSEAD EMFIN Nicolas Bourdilloud

Nicolas Bourdilloud
Senior consultant in a French risk management consulting firm


Nicolas lives near Paris and works in the financial industry as a consultant. He has almost seven years of risk management and business analysis experience through assignments in three major French banks. Nicolas holds a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from the University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris.

"I wanted to live a vibrant multicultural experience and gain in-depth knowledge in finance, especially in corporate finance," shares Nicolas. 

"The EMFin programme was the perfect combination for me considering my personal objectives and the constraints of a family with young kids."

"This first module completely met my expectations. Being the only European person in a cohort, composed almost entirely of Asian people living and working in Singapore, was the type of experience I wanted to live at INSEAD. Attending this programme with those people is truly a life-changing and enriching experience."

"The quality of the faculty is really great," he says. "The academic excellence and multi-cultural differences of the professors I met represent what makes INSEAD so special. I particularly noticed the ease with which the professors were able to explain complex matters, especially in the accounting course as I had no background at all in that field."

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"My understanding of real-world finance has been expanded like never before."


Jaslyn Kaur
Finance Manager, Shipping


Jaslyn studied finance in Singapore at undergraduate level and started her career at a bank in FX sales to institutional clients.

She then moved to a corporate finance role in the shipping industry and also obtained a Master's degree in International Transport Management from State University of New York. 

"The faculty here are the best teachers I’ve had - extremely experienced, qualified, deep thinkers," she says of her EMFIN experience.

"They make us think in every session. We’re thrown questions by the professors throughout every lesson to test our understanding and stretch ourselves before each concept is explained and after. I feel that my understanding of real-world finance has been expanded like never before from interacting with my peers and professors."

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"The school has a rich heritage, warm and deeply connected community, presence across multiple continents and world-class professors."

INSEAD EMFIN Kyle Filomeno

Kyle Filomeno
Remedial Management Unit, Asian Development Bank


Kyle holds a degree in Legal Management from Ateneo de Manila University and started his career as a graduate trainee at a multinational bank where he discovered "an endless fascination for banking".

"I looked at quite a number of programmes before applying," he says "but in the end I only applied to INSEAD because I knew there was a complete fit."

"The EMFin gives participants the opportunity to learn finance in a versatile modular format, interact with experienced professionals from other executive programmes and think like an industry leader while having a strong anchor in Asia."

"One thing that my experience with INSEAD has highlighted is that everyone brings something of value to the table. Join the community, be open to diversity and enjoy the experience," he says. 

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"The curriculum is highly practical and designed for mid-career professionals in Finance roles."


Kelly Chai
Vice President, Citco Fund Service


Kelly, who holds degrees in accounting, started her career in banking and auditing and then moved into the fund investment industry. She has worked in the US, China, Ireland, Hong Kong and currently resides in Singapore. 

"As a mid-career female professional, I have always treasured all the experiences that have formed the current version of myself," she says.

"Though I always give the best in what I do, I felt somewhat disconnected and less secure in the keeping up with the changing financial world.


The INSEAD EMFin programme was the first and only choice for me, as well as the only one my Private Equity fellows recommended to me. The class modules fit me perfectly and enable me to pursue my personal goals, keep up with my work, and help with keeping my family well balanced," she says. 

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