Economic growth in Asia-Pacific has gone hand in hand with an explosion in the region's business schools. Africa, meanwhile, has lagged behind other developing regions with only a handful of globally recognised business schools.

In a recent podcast episode, Invest Africa spoke to INSEAD Associate Dean Katy Montgomery about why global business schools are looking to Africa and what priorities are shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.

Listen to the full podcast here:

Podcast Highlights

00:50 - INSEAD was founded with the idea to use business as a way to find peace and prosperity across war-torn Europe. Can you explain to us a bit more about the history of INSEAD?

02:08 - Now that INSEAD is a global business school, in what way does the original ethos inform the way the school operates?

04:13 - INSEAD has campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and an Innovation Hub in San Francisco. How do students benefit from being part of such a global community? 

05:56 - With INSEAD shaping the business leaders of the future, what are the issues that you think matter most to current MBA students?

08:35 - What role do you see for business schools like INSEAD, in driving capacity development in Africa and growing people with technical and leadership skills?

11:08 - Why is INSEAD looking at Africa now?

15:40 - Do you have any examples of career trajectories that INSEAD alumni have taken that are relevant to Africa?

17:45 - Why should prospective African MBA students consider INSEAD?

19:40 - What scholarships are available to African students? 

20:25 - When you're interacting with current students, are there any trends that make you feel most optimistic and positive about the future of emerging markets, or business in general?

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