2017 Employment Statistics (December 2016 and July 2017 graduates); A World of Talent

A few weeks into the new year, the Career Development Centre team is happy to share the 2017 Employment Statistics (December 2016 and July 2017 graduates); A World of Talent. Thank you to everyone who helped make the past recruiting year a success!

To add some flavor to the attached data, we would like to share some career outcome specifics from the Class of 2017. We are constantly educating and working with students to know the market and how they can provide value to employers in their desired industries. We share the following students’ stories by highlighting the talents and competencies they demonstrated while job searching, which are also highly sought after by top employers.

Problem-Solving & Entrepreneurial Spirit             

Before joining INSEAD, Tinashe Mukogo (‘16D) worked for Deloitte in Zimbabwe for almost nine years in auditing and finance-related roles. After participating in on-campus recruitment, Tinashe was accepted into Siemens’ highly selective Finance Excellence Programme. Currently, Tinashe is participating in a rotation at next47, a global venture firm created by Siemens to invest in entrepreneurs. Tinashe continues to be connected to INSEAD, recently visiting campus during the September recruitment period as an INSEAD Ambassador.

Leveraging Technical Expertise & Relationship Building                      

Ashima Gupta (‘17J), worked for eight years in the automotive sector in India, specifically with Ford and Maruti Suzuki in global buying/strategy roles. While at INSEAD, Ashima participated in the CDC-sponsored Munich Industry Trek where she connected with the consulting arm of B/S/H, a subsidiary of Bosch. Ashima is currently working on corporate strategy projects and learning German.

Leadership & Creativity                  

Astrid Schrader joined INSEAD in 2016. Having worked with more than a hundred ventures globally, Astrid continued to work and develop her own company during her MBA: The Arc, an international leadership bootcamp for ambitious individuals, founders, C-level execs in startups, investment professionals, social entrepreneurs or top corporate talent. The Arc builds community, organises retreats, in-house trainings and one-on-one coaching. She is now pursuing The Arc full time thearctraining.org.

Versatility & Persistence                 

Michelle Khong arrived at INSEAD with financial services experience at Barclays Capital and Standard Chartered in Asia. She also came with a desire to move to Europe and explore different functions within investments. While she successfully converted her summer internship into a full-time corporate finance role at Deutsche Bank in London, personal circumstances shifted her job search to Switzerland. Under close guidance of the Employer Engagement Team member for Financial Services, along with hard work and determination within a narrow addressable job market, Michelle secured a role as Associate Director in the Private Debt team at Swiss Capital, fulfilling her pre-INSEAD objectives.

Hardworking & Ability to Execute            

Katia Kachan (‘16D) came to INSEAD with a financial services background with NASDAQ and Société Générale. While studying for her MBA, Katia served as President of the RCLG Club organizing several successful events in Paris and Dubai. Although she had an offer with a top consulting firm, she stuck with her passion for luxury leading to an internship with Louis Vuitton in Dubai post-graduation. Katia is currently setting up the international innovation centre for luxury and retail tech in Dubai, as a part of Mediaquest.

We worked with some amazing students this past year who secured fulfilling and challenging employment opportunities and are excited to partner with the the 18Js and 18Ds to find their next career homes.