EMFin Viewpoints: Betty Liu

Betty Liu

Nationality: Chinese

Year Graduated: 2022

Current Role: ​​​Regulatory Reporting Service Delivery Lead at UBS AG


"My classmates' international diversity, strong backgrounds and substantial working experience make the study even more beneficial."


Why did you choose INSEAD’s EMFin, amongst other programmes out there?

The flexibility of a modular programme, a world-class faculty and international diversity are the reasons why I chose INSEAD’s EMFin.

What made you decide to embark on a master programme with the COVID-19 situation going on?

COVID-19 is one of the unprecedented changes that had impacted both my professional and personal life. It has given me a chance to reflect back on how I can equip and better prepare myself for changes. Also, being based in Singapore, the travel restrictions are another reason why I chose to go back to campus since we can’t go anywhere.

How was your module 1 classroom experience on campus?

Module 1 was beyond and above my expectations. The safety measurements on campus, excellent faculty, paperless (and thus environmentally friendly) class, digital facility, career development centre and the gathering with excellent people from all over the world makes module 1 one of my favourite memories.

After working in the financial industry for over 10 years, being back to school and meeting other people provided me with a completely new perspective and deeper understanding in this sector. Looking forward to the rest of the modules!

Tell us more about your classmates!

My classmates are specialised in different areas within the finance industry. Their international diversity, strong backgrounds and substantial working experience make the study even more beneficial.

Any advice to prospects out there who are interested in joining the EMFin, but hesitating because of such uncertain times now?

There is no perfect timing, the only thing unchanged is change itself. Uncertainty becomes certain once you embrace it. Continuous learning will eventually pay off. If not now, then when? But do plan carefully so you can manage your time and schedule to best utilise the opportunity and maximise the benefit..