EMFin Viewpoints: Tanisha Banaszczyk

Tanisha Banaszczyk

Tanisha B

Nationality: Australian

Year Graduated: 2022

Current Role: Portfolio Manager, Strategic Investment Fund at Minderoo Foundation


"At this point of time in my career, I was seeking a post-graduate education that would further specialise my skill and network as an early-stage investor."

Why did you choose INSEAD’s EMFin, amongst other programmes out there?

INSEAD’s EMFin appealed to me as the content, network, format and location were all a perfect fit to what I was seeking in post-graduate education. At this point of time in my career, I was seeking a post-graduate education that would further specialise my skill and network as an early-stage investor. Thus, the EMFin was a superior fit for me compared to other programmes such as an MBA.

Additionally, I have a concentrated interest in the investment landscape of Southeast Asia, and so my participation in the EMFin has provided a streamlined opportunity to connect with fellow classmates who share this same geographic interest.

What made you decide to embark on a master programme with the COVID-19 situation going on?

Although COVID-19 has had a significant impact on my personal and professional circumstances, I still felt a strong alignment to my initial desire to undertake the EMFin, and so the impact felt here was only marginal. Despite the experience being different from what I expected, my personal objective remained the same.

In addition, the INSEAD team – from the teaching staff through to the programme coordinators – have been exceptional in facilitating the online experience in such a way that it replicates every benefit one would have if attending in person. The team also provided clear communication to set expectations for all participants, as well as providing ongoing (and incredibly timely!) support throughout.

How was your Module 1 experience on Zoom?

Taking Module 1 over Zoom is certainly a different experience compared to in-person attendance; however, I was lucky to have a perfect internet connection throughout, while also being in the same time zone as Singapore! I was also extremely happy with the way the INSEAD Professors and my classmates engaged with all of the online participants – everyone really come together to create a new kind of classroom experience.

Did you have many opportunities to get to know your classmates virtually?

During our first module, we covered three different course content topics, and each provided a new opportunity to work within a small team of classmates. This meant that I was able to meet, (and work directly) with roughly half of my class. I’ve been so impressed by the calibre of my classmates, and really enjoyed the time I had interacting with them – most of which felt more social than studious!

How did you manage studies, work and family?

Outside of the course content, I did encounter a few demands on my time relating to work, and I was mostly able to facilitate during the evenings after class. This was quite challenging at times, due to both the nature and volume of the course content . However, given that my classmates and I were well-adjusted to working across tech tools and time zones, the flexibility and connectivity meant it was in fact easier to juggle studies and other demands.