Feeling the Void? Join the Club!

Esmat Soliman

Are you a hard worker? Have you reached that point in your career where you believe that everything should be falling into place, yet something is just missing? Join the club!

My name is Esmat and I was in your shoes exactly nine months ago, but in my case, I knew precisely what I was missing: a new adventure that would enrich me as an individual and guide me to a totally new stage of my life.

Our lives generally are made of stages. There is this stage where you learn to talk/walk and proudly make your first steps into this world. Then you go to school and move up within the educational system until you go to college. At each of these stages,  you know that you will be ‘hopefully’ moving on to a new class the following year, learning new subjects and (fingers crossed) building some interesting relationships. The excitement increases when you are about to graduate from college and land your first job. Do you remember that euphoria when you got your first offer letter? How accomplished you felt? It was great, wasn’t it?

Your career kicks off and your learning curve hikes up for the first two to three years, then you reach this stage of plateau, where you are not learning as much. However by society standards and norms, you‘ve got a great job, maybe a car and some savings but then you start to feel this emptiness because, "what’s next?" You try to find ne w hobbies and maybe meet new people but the gap is never fulfilled, and at this stage, you should acknowledge that simply you want more.

Let us say that you’ve learned what you needed from your current job and you are ready to move on to another role/location/industry. Well, nothing is better than an MBA at this stage!

I have worked in oil and gas for seven years and as an Egyptian female working in the Middle East, it was very challenging. The survival and technical skills that you acquire are significant, but just like any other industry, when you reach that plateau, you start to look around for new challenges. For me it was not planned, but I happened to join an INSEAD MBA class for their Pre-MBA trip in December 2014, as a couple of friends were joining the programme and I knew at this second that it was the right place for me.

A body of vibrant, multinational, different yet homogeneous smart students, united for the same reasons, fill in their intellectual thirst and shape a different/better future for themselves.

As my first period is about to start (class of 19J) in Fontainebleau, I will be blogging about the school: reality vs expectations. I am very excited about my new adventure and the overly friendly environment the school had been promoting since the day I got my acceptance letter. For those of you who are considering to join the school: stay tuned as more stories will be in the pipeline shortly! As for my classmates: I can’t wait to meet you all!