Yan Li

I am from Guilin, a city in Southern China famous for its limestone karst hills. In my childhood, I wondered what was beyond the town’s scenic view. My father is a worker at China Railway, and most of my friends from childhood are workers in China Railway just like their fathers. I studied Computer Science, therefore most of my college classmates are software developers. However, I am different. I am a sales manager at a telecom provider and I have lived in Southeast Asia for the last four years.

Now I am about to start my INSEAD MBA programme, and I am sure that INSEAD is the right school for me.

My ultimate goal is to set up a consulting firm to help enterprises in the Asia Pacific region to catch up in the digital transformation. My firm will recommend the most suitable technical solution and transformation approach. It will enable enterprises to serve their customers better. Immediately post-MBA, I want to join the sales team at the top ICT provider in Southeast Asia, in order to catalyse digitalisation in more enterprises and to establish a reliable client network in Southeast Asia. After five years in such company, I will start getting ready to setup my firm in Singapore by combining my client network and my business partners’ experience in technology and consulting.

In order to achieve my goals, I need to acquire a more holistic picture of the business which will enable me to interact at CXO level and connect with peers from diversified industries beyond telecom. I will also need a strong network to find potential business partners. I can acquire all these assets at an MBA, specifically at the INSEAD MBA. This assertion has been confirmed by my attendance at information sessions, my visit to the Singapore campus and several correspondences with current students, alumni and the marketing team before my admission, as well as with other 19Ds candidates after admission.

Here are my reasons in a nutshell:

  1. INSEAD’s MBA programme is pragmatic to cover 80% of a two-year programme’s courses in a 10-month time span which fits perfectly for those who come from fast-paced industries and intend to return soon.
  2. INSEAD’s MBA curriculum covers both business and digital transformation through core and electives courses such as Technology and Innovation strategy, Media and Internet - The New Rules of Games in the Digital World (A&B).
  3. INSEAD’s collaborative class and alumni network come from truly diversified industries and countries. No other school offers such a diversified environment according to my research. As for collaborative, whenever a question is raised in our 19D Admits' chat group, it will be answered in a few minutes. And just a few days after admission, an invitation for a welcome dinner was extended to me by the Philippine alumni association.
  4. INSEAD is the only top business school that established a campus in the Asia Pacific region. Its Singapore campus offers excellent opportunities to find jobs in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region. For example, Google invited 19Ds to their 2019 summer internship webinar two months before our programme starts.
  5. INSEAD’s journey incorporates rich and flexible entrepreneurship education such as Entrepreneur Bootcamps and Entrepreneur Venture Competition.
  6. Besides, the INSEAD experience will be fun. Dash and a lot of interesting other events are yet to come.

For all above-mentioned, INSEAD is the only business school I applied to and I am so sure that I made right choice.