First Impressions @ INSEAD

Vitor Hercules

Hey everyone, it’s been a few weeks since my last post and since then activities started at INSEAD and I started to meet some of my fellow classmates.

INSEAD is a bowl of different nationalities and everyone says this all the time. But you really have the real feeling of this in the first days when basic questions such as, “Where are you from?”, “What were you doing before INSEAD?”, “What are your plans after INSEAD?” start every conversation with people you haven’t met yet. And you surprise yourself on how many people from places you never expected to meet you get to know. Also, INSEAD Staff is also extremely diverse, with professors from countries including Russia, Belgium, USA, India and China.

Just in the first week, we’ve done career classes, changed our CV at least 10 times, exemption exams for classes and languages, met our study group, started our leadership and career coaching, had a full day class around a airline company case and at the peak of everything, one of the best things of this start - SPLASH.

SPLASH is an awesome opportunity to work together with your study group in a real task while helping the community around us. Our task as the 19Js was to build a bicycle track for the kids in MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore). Our section (one of three in Singapore) was the one responsible to finish everything and deliver what we had done for the kids.

It was an exhausting day with lots of unpredictable events. But it is great to work as a team, finish the task done and see the happiness on each child's face.

Besides all these events classes just started and it's nice to come back to study and together with classes we also are having company presentations to help us understand if the plan we conceived on the application is the right one and to investigate more on different markets and different industries.

This first moments before classes started were really fast-paced, with a lot of information (some we will have to revisit for sure) but really fulfilling on getting to know new people, going back to study and realising how much potential INSEAD has to help me achieve every goal I may pursue in this 10-month period.