Hi World!!! Welcome to My INSEAD Experience

Julian Ramirez

Hi World!!!

This is my first opportunity as a blogger and I must say I am rather curious about the route this is going to take. I basically started this as I feel INSEAD is such a great experience that I want to try to express it in a different way than I am used to, also embracing my new life of challenges and new experiences.

Having quit my job in the technology sector in Colombia a few days ago, now my MBA seems right around the corner (just 20 days to go!!!) and I am starting to freak out with all the work ahead of me. We have not yet started and there are so many people to get to know (believe me when I tell you there are so many activities in social networks, emails, messaging apps, etc), so many readings and preparation to do. I even have to prepare a story about myself for the Personal Leadership Development Programme and I am kind of lost with that since it is the first time in my life that I am doing such a complete coaching experience.

Despite all this (or maybe because of it), I cannot wait to start.

Since the moment I started researching for an MBA, every step I took towards INSEAD showed me that it is the place I need to be in the upcoming year,

especially because of the alumni: There is something about them that is quite different from other business schools. I am not sure how to describe it yet (maybe something like "good vibes"), but you can feel it in the exact moment you hear them talk about their experiences, their lives. There is some way in which you kind of start feeling a bit jealous and you want to live some of those things.

So here I am, sometime later, preparing to be one of them and having ahead of me a year full of incredible experiences with amazing people from all around the world...

Please allow me to share a little bit about me and my life in my future posts. I want to keep a record of the activities I plan to do (Basketball, Toastmasters & Consulting Clubs for a start) while I also try to talk a little about my everyday life in Fontainebleau, my expectations and dreams as an 18J student.

INSEAD MBA be ready, here I come!!!