How to Keep Calm at INSEAD

Bernard Morlet

The journey at INSEAD is quite busy and you may find it difficult to keep calm sometimes. Between the assignments, the lectures, the classes, networking and the social events, how could INSEAD students find the time to chill out? INSEAD has the solution for you!

INSEAD implemented a meditation center on campus.

Being a developing practice in the Western world, meditation will help you to keep calm and will provide you with many other benefits. You may have heard about friends doing silent retreats, but there is no need to invest so much time! You can meditate while staying on campus.

Two times a week you can come and empty your head from all the troubles you face at the meditation centre.

If you want to develop the practice at home, many developers thought about you and created successful apps that will teach you the practice (e.g. Headspace, 10% happier or Waking Up).

In addition to the benefit of calming down, meditation will help you feel better and enjoy the present moment as well as help you to make better decisions. But be cautious, do not abuse this practice, meditation has been proved to diminish motivation! (