A Short Reflection of INSEAD P1 Life

With the end of the valuation exam, we approached the end of P1. I am now taking a break in Prague, thoughtfully, calmly, and hopefully.

Overall, P1 life was fast and intensive, and I have three specific reflections:

Firstly, academic intelligence.

Although INSEAD is known as a school where students like to have fun, they demonstrate high levels of academic intelligence thanks to the standards and requirements of the courses.

All of them for instance, implement a “swiss train” principle in the sense that professors begin their lectures sharply and strictly on time. Almost all our financial accounting courses began with real companies financial statements' in the last three years. A balanced teaching method between lectures and case studies helped students link with company and industry information and performance. Most importantly, our UDJ (uncertainty, data, and judgment) professor, Theos, taught in a very humourous and vivid way that inspired us to combine knowledge with machine learning and artificial intelligence. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the philosophy of statistics.

Then, diversified collaboration. 

A collaborative culture is the engine of INSEAD.

All INSEADers are willing to share, help, and include. I believe this culture originates from widely distributed nationalities and backgrounds. And it gets even deeper: the diversity also stems from the inclusivity of different personalities, values, and skillsets. No one is a majority at INSEAD - everyone is a minority. On the one hand, diversity helps us to build empathy to understand different opinions and on the other, diversity boosts our confidence to ask and share.

Finally, substantial opportunities.

INSEAD provides everyone with a stage to dance.

At INSEAD, I found myself surrounded by all kinds of excellent opportunities: company presentations, case competitions, and club activities. Although it was overwhelming at the beginning, everyone makes their own priorities and finds their own pace. Some students sharpen and accelerate towards one career direction after going on a career trek, while others continually explore new areas.

Now, as the clock strikes midnight, I look forward to venturing beyond more comfort zones in P2.