Time Management in the life of an INSEADer

Ayushi Sharma

It's been one month since INSEAD started and I am finally beginning to feel the heat. The first month was pretty chilled out - welcome week, welcome party, Dean's party, buddy dinner, section dinner, nationality dinner, broke dinner, fancy dinner, fancy clubbing, cheap clubbing, skipping dinner and straight to the drinks - time was just going by and people were going out for trips every weekend (not yours truly though - thanks finance recruitment).

The professors were going all easy and basic on us (P.S. Do NOT bet in Prof Gaba's class). And then they decided to hit us with the quizzes and woah! It looks like there is some serious work coming up and the library is more crowded than ever.

But I love being engaged and worked up like this; this place inspires energy in ways I couldn't have even imagined.

I've met so many people in just four weeks: everyone comes with their own story, accent, and talents. If you want to experience diversity, this is the place. While most people think that they're pretty comfortable in diverse environments, wait till you have to sweat it out with your study groups.

INSEAD is a place that lets you make your choices in every aspect: academics, careers, clubs, socialising - you name it. You will make some tough choices and go through a lot of FOMO. But I'm sure you'll come out transformed. At least I will.