My experience at the EMC can be described by the following four words: Tools for Changing Humanity
Colleen Slaughter

Colleen Slaughter

Nationality/Passport: American Year of graduation: 2022 Current Role: Executive Coach and Transformational Facilitator

Could you share a fun fact about yourself – perhaps something unexpected about you?

I love music – singing and dancing to it – although my girls’ faces flush with embarrassment every time I do 😉

Can you tell us a little more about your personal and professional career journey so far? How did you get to where you are today?

After my MBA at HEC, I had fallen into change management consulting for a Parisian boutique firm where I first heard about coaching.

From the moment I learned what coaching is, I knew that that was supposed to be my path.

But it still took me about five years to get to it, When I finally did, I knew I was “home” and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom and creativity of setting up my own business around it. As my confidence in myself grew, so too did my skills and eventually I also became a Transformational Facilitator.

In that role, I get to facilitate leadership development programmes and have a ball every time I do. Here, I work among some of the best coaches and facilitators in the world as part of a global network. Among such deeply caring and highly skilled people, I have felt held to continue work past some of my lingering limiting beliefs and, as such, have been able to truly step into my purpose and talent at a higher level.

I feel so lucky to get to meet and help leaders all over the world reconnect with their true selves and, from there, to have a much more productive and fulfilling experience at work and at home. I love what I do!

So, what made you decide to pursue the EMC, and why did you choose INSEAD?

I knew that my skills and knowledge needed freshening up and the EMC – at INSEAD – is, without a doubt, the best in the world for leading change in global organisations, exactly the work I do and love. It was a complete no-brainer for me. 

If you were to describe your experience on the programme what would it be?

My experience at the EMC can be described by the following four words: Tools for Changing Humanity. In other words, the EMC brought me solid skills for bringing important change to myself, to teams, and to the larger whole. With all these bases covered, significant, benevolent change can’t help but take hold – making the world at least a slightly better place.  

How would you describe your classmates, the courses, the professors?

The courses were varied – reflecting the different themes of the various modules: everything from group coaching to case studies to a two-day long simulation.

My classmates were global, very conscientious to do good in the world and fun!

I especially remember our Friday night drinks at the Treehouse (Bar). Michael and Erik (EMC Programme Directors) and the host of INSEAD professors visiting form other programmes are all top-notch experts in their fields: I definitely felt I was getting the best quality experience possible at every turn.

Has the EMC helped you in your career so far?

Immensely! It has both boosted my confidence and my credibility – especially within the strategic consulting network I am part of. But not only that: my private clients are also even more assured that my words come from a solid foundation.

Do you foresee the EMC changing your perspectives or outlook towards life?

I foresee the EMC deepening my knowlege about what’s most important in any change programme – humans and our own transformation. I’m also deeply grateful for the psychodynamic systems emphasis on helping us humans get to a place of greater freedom and peace.

What advice would you give to someone who might be interested in pursuing an INSEAD Masters programme?

Getting through the 14 (long) essay questions is definitely worth it! Go for it: It can only serve you, your life and your loved ones. And your professional world will benefit as well.