The EMFIN programme opened up new horizons for me.
Diliara Safina

Diliara Safina

Diliara Safina
Nationality/Passport: Russian Year of graduation: 2015 Current Role: CFO at Leroy Merlin

Why did you choose INSEAD’s EMFin amongst other Master in Finance programmes?

I had been thinking about enrolling in business education at INSEAD for a while. I chose INSEAD because firstly, I was confident of INSEAD’s academic quality thanks to its impeccable global reputation. Secondly, I also felt that the part-time format was important as it meant that I didn’t have to lose touch with the professional world and I would also be able to put into practice everything that I learnt during the EMFin modules.

Did the programme meet your expectations? 

To be honest the programme exceeded my expectations. The quality of learning was incredibly high.

INSEAD taught me not only to create and analyse financial data but to see the real business behind the figures and to take a strategic view of finance.

Furthermore, I was able to develop my management style since a large part of the course is focused on developing soft skills such as leadership, negotiations and board management.

Can you describe the learning experience?

The courses at INSEAD are not focused on just hours of classic teaching. Every professor is charismatic and has excellent professional experience. A class in INSEAD is like a show - a combination of academic excellence and enriching professional experience. Nowhere else would you consider evaluating M&N deals as a bad or a happy marriage or use a philosophical approach in valuation.  We also studied basic concepts in class, worked on cases in groups and discussed the results together. We learnt to make conclusions and assumptions based on calculations, to weaken or strengthen commonly accepted concepts and choose an appropriate strategy to solve problems.

Can you describe your dual-campus (Singapore and Fontainebleau) experience? 

One of the reasons I chose the INSEAD programme was because of the dual campus experience. I knew France very well but knew nothing about Singapore or Asia. I was excited but also afraid to go to Singapore for the first time. I’m glad that I did because I discovered another world in Singapore. Only INSEAD has two full-fledged campuses in two parts of the world, which is why it can say that it is the business school of the world.

How has the EMFin programme helped you with your career in the finance industry?  

The EMFIN programme opened up new horizons for me. It was my first international experience, and now I receive job offers from other countries and as a result, I am going to continue my career abroad. The EMFin is a mark of quality for the international finance community, which is traditionally considered a man's world. 

What advice would you give potential candidates who are interested in the EMFin?

I would recommend that potential candidates should analyse all the programmes from three main perspectives: academics, format and school brand. You should choose an EMFin programme if you want to focus on finance from capital markets to finance negotiations.

At INSEAD you must be ready to step out of your comfort zone and to follow the intense rhythm of the course.

As a result, you will have an experience of a lifetime.