My class experience has been pivotal to my satisfaction of studying at INSEAD.
Kimberley Montgomery

Kimberley Montgomery

Kimberley Montgomery
Nationality: Australian Year Graduated: 2016 Current Role: Global Director Exploration, Anheuser-Busch InBev

What made you decide to do an MBA? 

I wanted to do an MBA as I wanted to start building a more global perspective and create the opportunity to explore international working experience. This was important for me to complement the studies and work experience I had built in Australia.

Is INSEAD what you had expected so far?

Absolutely, and more. At any time within a room, I am consistently surrounded by a mix of people from all around the world. This creates an incredible dynamic – one which can be challenging and stimulating. Outside of class, I love the time we spend on campus – studying together, playing sports and organising social events. I have also completed a campus exchange to Abu Dhabi which has been an amazing opportunity – providing insight into a growing region for business and a diverse cultural hub.

Do share with us your class experience!

My class experience has been pivotal to my satisfaction of studying at INSEAD. It is amazing how quickly your class (section) can transform from a group of highly diverse, motivated strangers - each embarking a new adventure - to colleagues and friends. Reflecting on this, the initial “shell shock” created by the pace that INSEAD drives and standards for output that are expected is an incredibly unifying experience. In my experience, it bonded us and created support networks.

Can you describe the famous INSEAD group experience?

During the first two terms of study, you are allocated a set section of approximately 75 students. Within their sections, everyone is allocated a study group of four to five students with the goal of creating diverse teams which replicate the real world in global business. This means mixing nationalities, professional experience, age, gender – with the hope to create a level of healthy conflict to enhance your ability to innovate and succeed in challenging environments.

Not every meeting goes to plan and not everyone can always be happy – but this is the idea. To help you learn how you act in these moments, and how you can manage them in the future.

What activities are you involved outside classes?

I love getting involved in the broader INSEAD community outside of class. I’ve been heavily involved with the sporting teams, which have taken me from triathlons swimming through foggy French lakes to luscious rugby grounds where we maintained our”‘undefeated” tradition. I have also been able to contribute to these by being part of the committee for the Rugby Club and leading team coordination for the IESE Spring Games Team.

The Spring Games is a great example of where students have the opportunity to meet other MBA students – in this setting, about 100 INSEADers travel to Barcelona to compete against other students from the top MBA schools. I have also taken every opportunity I can to travel with fellow students – exploring France, Europe and the Middle East!

What are your long-term plans after the MBA?

I came to INSEAD to broaden my perspective to develop a truly global outlook. In the long-term, I want to use this year as the first step in a journey that continues to find challenging new environment where I can develop and learn. I am interested in working outside the Asia-Pacific region and understand how other markets function, where there are commonalities and differences. However, I want to do so within the retail and consumer goods industry. I love this industry, and I am constantly driven to understanding what makes customers behave in the way they do. I also love the pace and challenge in retail, and look forward to leading large teams which deliver the products customers want.