The EMC is also about changing and improving both how I do things and how I think with regards to how I act.  
Nicolai Banck

Nicolai Banck

Nationality/Passport: Danish Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: Senior GMS Partner

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – where do you come from and where are you intending to go?

I come from Copenhagen, where I live today with my wife and our three children. I love to travel and meet new people. I have worked in the fields of logistics, energy, pharmaceutical, banking and now healthcare. My work has been primarily based in Europe, but with a global scope and affiliations in countries such as Russia, the United States and China.

Today, I work with large and complex transformation projects and problem-solving activities for a top-tier global Hearing Aid and Healthcare company. I interact as a partner with individuals and teams, where the scope spans from shopfloor level to senior management levels on a global scale.

What made you decide to pursue the EMC at INSEAD?

At first, the INSEAD EMC merely seemed to be the right programme to help me understand myself and my role; not only clarifying why I already have had success in transformational roles, but also helping me see where I could further improve my impact on the organisation’s transformational activities.

After having started on the programme, however, I am now beginning to realise that the EMC is also about changing and improving both how I do things and how I think with regards to how I act.

What are your goals post-EMC?

I would like to move into a broader change role, such as Executive Transformation Partner/Officer, managing transformation and change in a cross-functional or matrix organisation, engaging clients and stakeholders at many different levels and across business units, functional areas, company cultures and countries.

You recently completed module 1. What were your first impressions of the classroom atmosphere, the content, the classmates and Professors?

I am happy that the Imposter Syndrome is part of Module 1 ;-) – my classmates are super experienced, clever, well-rounded individuals. At the same time, they are eager to learn and curious about getting to know new people.

Being back physically together post-COVID was a deep, rich and personal learning experience, facilitated by outstanding professors in an open international atmosphere.

Do you have any advice for people who might be considering an EMC in the future?

I would say this to them: Make sure you have time during the next two years of your life – both mentally and practically – for 10 hours per week of reading, writing and reflecting.

Parting words of wisdom or advice?

Be prepared for the learning journey of your life. Make sure you are ready – but don´t wait for too long to get started!

Transformations - The Podcast

Nicolai Banck Podcast Transformations

During his time in the INSEAD EMC programme, Nicolai produced a podcast called "Transformations".

In each episode, a guest shares a personal story of transformation, then listens back and reflect on their own experience, sharing their reflections and with some distance giving their old self good advice so perhaps more people can learn from other people's unique personal experiences of transformation.

The episodes were recorded live over two separate sessions, with a week in between.

Tune in here to listen to Nicolai's conversations with an interesting array of guests, including current and past EMC participants: