As the programme progressed, so did my transformational journey.
Taghreed Al-Shunnar

Taghreed Al-Shunnar

INSEAD EMC Alumna Taghreed Al Shunnar
Nationality: Jordanian Year of graduation: 2010 Current Role: Founder and CEO, Professional Effective Solutions

I trained as a pharmacist and worked in the pharmaceutical business for 22 years. I’d reached the VP position for the Middle East region, overseeing 17 countries. I was travelling constantly and completed an Executive MBA at INSEAD. But at a certain point, I realised I wasn’t happy anymore. I kept asking myself, “Is this really what I want to do with my life?” So I signed up for the EMC programme, which I knew about from my time at INSEAD. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

EMC really is a unique environment to learn about yourself. It is safe, friendly, trusting and supportive. There are no taboos. People listen and don’t judge. I began to understand my own motives and those of others – the effect of my cultural background and my family. And, as the programme progressed, so did my transformational journey.

After the programme, I quit my job, took big personal decisions and established my own consultancy. I also started to teach at a university in Jordan. I became more tolerant and accepting. I feel open and relaxed.

I realise I didn’t deal with my issues in a traditional way. Therapy might have helped, but I don’t think it would have transformed. Nor would it have opened doors. I knew from my EMBA that the multiple perspectives provided by so many mature, successful people from different cultures have a powerful educational effect. But EMC proved to me that diversity also has a powerful psychological effect.