I wanted a programme that had an in-depth focus on Finance compared to the breadth of a general degree such as a MBA.
Weiqi Chiu

Weiqi Chiu

Nationality/Passport: Singaporean Year of graduation: 2024 Current Role: : Senior Manager, Group Stress Testing, Standard Chartered Bank

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your personal/professional journey so far?

I started my career with the Barclays Finance Graduate Programme before moving on to explore regulatory and capital adequacy roles with HSBC. I am currently with Standard Chartered Bank handling solvency and liquidity stress testing – an exciting role in a time of high inflation and interest rates. Outside work, I have placed my hobbies on hold as I spend my entire free time with my two energetic young boys!

Any fun facts about yourself you would be willing to share?

I am a frequent flyer miles hacker! Miles have allowed me and my wife to enjoy some of the finest travel experiences without bursting our wallet, such as the Singapore Airlines First Class Suites we took to Tokyo for our honeymoon.

So, what made you decide to take on the EMFin programme at INSEAD, amongst the other programmes out there?

I wanted a programme that had an in-depth focus on Finance compared to the breadth of a general degree such as a MBA.

The “two-weeks every quarter” modular structure is also attractive as it allows us to take time off work to focus on the programme rather than attending lessons on a weekday night or weekend.

You’ve completed module 1. Please share your thoughts on your classmates, the faculty and classroom experience?

I enjoy the international and diverse outlook that we have on campus. Every classmate and faculty comes with their own unique story and the exchange of viewpoints is fantastic.

Would you like to share any classroom experiences or anecdotes so far?

The class bonded well through food and drinks outside the confines of the classroom – every night out was a cultural immersion for our non-Singapore based classmates, with the Chinese “baijiu” (distilled spirit at 60% alcohol) being particularly memorable.

Any advice, application or admissions tips for someone thinking of joining the EMFin programme?

Do your research and speak to the recruitment team, current students, alumni and teaching faculty. This is a big commitment and it is important to ensure that the programme outcome matches your expectations.

What are your plans post-graduation?

Having lived my entire life in Singapore, I am quite excited to engage the network that INSEAD offers to explore work opportunities outside my home country. 

Any parting words of wisdom?

Quoting Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad): "All coins have three sides: heads, tails, and the edge. Intelligent people stand on the edge and see both sides."