Singapore, a vibrant city-state in Asia, offers numerous advantages as a study destination for your MBA. If you’re still deciding which location to choose for your starting campus, here are three compelling reasons that make Singapore stand out as a great place to accelerate your career. 

1.    Global business hub: Access to leading companies

Singapore's strategic location in Asia positions it as a global business hub, with projected estimates suggesting that Asia will contribute to 50% of global GDP by 2040. The city-state's strong economy and commitment to keeping pace with global developments make it an attractive destination for international trade and investment.

Singapore's excellent infrastructure, skilled English-speaking workforce, emphasis on innovation and technology, and robust protection of property rights have attracted numerous Fortune 500 companies to establish their regional headquarters in the country. Networking with major companies is effortless, with most located within a 30-minute commute or less. 

Post pandemic, the number of work pass in holders in Singapore has recovered. 25% of MBA graduates from the classes of 2022 accepted a role in Asia Pacific after INSEAD, with more than 90 graduates starting in Singapore, highlighting the opportunities available in the region.

Moreover, the Singapore INSEAD Alumni Association is the school’s sixth largest and fastest growing national chapter worldwide.

With 4000+ alumni in a compact urban setting and the benefit of INSEAD’s Asia campus, you will join an active community offering a rich variety of events and many benefits to students and alumni.

INSEAD MBA Giorgio Manenti

"Singapore is an amazing city and the place to be if you want a career in the global economy. The Singapore campus leverages its position to attract prominent companies and alumni leading Asia in becoming the most powerful region in the world." 

Giorgio Manenti, MBA'23D
Pre-INSEAD role: Senior Area Manager at Amazon, Italy

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2.    Thriving centre for entrepreneurship

Singapore is a thriving centre for entrepreneurship in Asia known for its supportive business environment. Registering a company in Singapore can be done in just one day, making it one of the world's most efficient places to start a business.

The city-state boasts close to 4,000 startups, over 220 VCs and over 200 accelerators. Singapore has witnessed the emergence of 11 new unicorns in 2021, and global corporations have established innovation centres here in recent years.

This vibrant ecosystem presents exceptional opportunities to tap into Southeast Asia's immense digital commerce and climate-tech potential.

INSEAD, recognised as a top school for startup founders, has fostered over 20 startups in Singapore to date.

The proximity of the INSEAD Singapore campus to Block71, a renowned entrepreneurial ecosystem, allows faculty members and alumni to collaborate on research, provide mentorship and support to startups, and organise networking events.

3.    A dynamic location with a high quality of life 

Singapore is a dynamic location with an outstanding quality of life. Residents benefit from excellent healthcare, infrastructure, education, and public services, contributing to its reputation as one of the safest and most liveable cities globally.

The multicultural fabric of Singapore, with influences from Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western cultures, provides a unique opportunity to experience a rich diversity of traditions and perspectives.

For those seeking exploration beyond Singapore, popular beachside destinations like Bali or Phuket, as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Angkor Wat and Borobudur Temple, are just a short flight away from Changi Airport.

To gain further insights into the experiences of MBA students and partners in Singapore, we invite you to explore our student blogs and listen to our informative podcast.

INSEAD MBA Maria Ana Valente De Matos Zorrinho

"Living in Singapore has been an incredible experience. The culture and diversity of the city is unlike anywhere else I have been, and I have enjoyed exploring all that it has to offer."

Maria Ana Zorrinho, MBA'23D
Pre-INSEAD role: Transformation Programme Manager at NOS SGPS, Portugal

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The INSEAD MBA is a global programme that runs both on the Fontainebleau campus in France and in Singapore. In the application form, applicants may indicate their preferred home campus where they will spend at least the first two periods of the programme. From Period 3 onwards, it is optional to switch campuses and many students take advantage of the opportunity to experience both locations.

However, campus selection has no impact on the admissions decision.

Did you know?

INSEAD candidates starting the MBA programme on the Singapore campus are eligible to apply for the INSEAD Asia Enterprise Fund Scholarship.

Choose Singapore as your MBA starting campus and unlock a world of opportunities in a thriving business ecosystem, a multicultural environment, and a city renowned for its exceptional quality of life. 

If you would like to discuss your profile and MBA application in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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