The INSEAD Executive Master in Finance (EMFin) is designed for experienced finance professionals who wish to accelerate their careers while they continue to work. The programme is tailored to deepen participants’ knowledge of the sector as well as hone their leadership and management skills, preparing them to be leaders in the financial industry.

In addition, the modular format allows ample opportunities for students to make an immediate professional impact, work on real-life cases and immerse in trending electives such as behavioural finance, fintech, data science and analytics.

When speaking to participants about their career aspirations, two broad trends can be observed:

  1. Participants aiming to move up to a more challenging role in finance
  2. Participants looking for a change of their role within the finance realm

What does it take to realise these ambitions, and what are some examples of successful career transitions?

Moving Up in Your Organisation

There are plenty of steps you can take to work towards a promotion. Besides being proactive in developing a strategic perspective of your organisation and the sector, building your internal and external network and refining your communication skills, seeking formal training opportunities such as the INSEAD Executive Master in Finance (EMFin) can be an important signal that you’re ready to take the next step. You may even consider building a business case to obtain support from your employer in pursuing the degree.

Read on for some testimonials of INSEAD EMFin alumni who successfully secured promotions during or after the programme.

Jie Liang Thum

Jie Liang Thum

Nationality: Singaporean
Year Graduated: 2020
Organisation: Monetary Authority of Singapore (central bank)
Before: Economist 
After: Portfolio Manager 

“Coming from a job function and educational background that was not as finance-focused, my EMFin degree gave senior management added confidence that I was able to handle the demands of a bigger job.” Read more

Xiaobing Hu

Nationality: Chinese
Year Graduated: 2020
Organisation: PSA Corporation (shipping)
Before: Senior Finance Manager
After: Assistant Vice President

“The programme helped me to see things from different perspectives; a necessary skill for a leader.” Read more

Xiaobing Hu
Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

Nationality: British
Year Graduated: 2020
Organisation: Somerset Capital Management (investment management)
Before: CEO (Singapore)
After: CEO (Asia)

“The EMFin gave me enhanced confidence – it has allowed me to come back into the workplace and immediately make an impact by asking my team to think differently.” Read more

Hyunggyu (Kevin) Cho

Nationality: South Korean
Year Graduated: 2018
Organisation: Tower Research Capital (financial services fund)
Before: Risk Manager, APAC 
After: Deputy Head of Technology Operations, EMEA

“Our CEO recognised my effort in pursuing the INSEAD EMFin while working, and determined I would be a good fit to lead the European Technology team. I am certain the programme played a critical role in my advancement and success at my firm.” Read more

Kevin Cho


Part two of this article discusses career planning and success stories for changing roles within the finance realm.

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