An Executive Master in Finance is a significant investment of time and money. Gaining your employer's support would typically mean getting the company to sponsor full or part of the tuition fees, and agreeing on time away from work to attend the modules.

Putting together a business case should help you prepare for all the questions you may face when asking your company for sponsorship. It is a way to plan your strategy and ensure you are well-equipped to address the concerns of key decision-makers in your organisation.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare yourself to convince your manager or HR that undertaking the EMFin is the right move for both you and your organisation. 

Ensure that your motivations are clear

It is essential that you know your reasons and objectives for embarking on a programme as rigorous and intensive as the EMFin. What is the short-term plan for your career and what do you want to achieve out of the programme? Are you looking to expand your finance knowledge, or even looking to advance in your career as a leader? 


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Outline the key benefits of the programme

What will your organisation get out of sponsoring you for the INSEAD EMFin? There are many benefits you will gain from the programme.

For those who are looking to advance in their career as a leader, you will be able to hone on your leadership and management skills, which can make an impact on the work of your team and get more out of those whom you work with through the electives and Leadership Capstone.

The Leadership Capstone is a direct return on investment for your company as the curriculum allows you to address specific challenges your company is facing, and you will be analysing an issue and providing recommendations with the help of an INSEAD professor.

During the EMFin, you will receive previews of cutting-edge research, giving your company the chance to prepare for future challenges and stay ahead of the competition. 

The intense learning format delivered in a modular structure allows you to immediately apply your learnings to your workplace. This also inevitably cascades many of the benefits and the learning you are gaining from the programme to others in your organisation. 


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Put forward a clear plan for managing timelines and work duties

Your managers’ number one concern, when you tell them you are considering the EMFin, will be your regular absence from the business frontline. Plan how you are going to manage your workload against the number of days out of office.

You might need to also consider how this will affect the team, and whether you will need additional support from your colleagues. As you will need to reassure your boss, you should be extremely well-prepared for this conversation. 

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Network with others who have done similar programmes

Find people either in your own organisation or similar organisation from the same sector who have done the INSEAD EMFin, an executive education course or even done a master programme elsewhere. Ask them what they gained from the experience, as well as how they gained funding and/or other support.

You can contact us to find out if somebody from your company or sector has completed the EMFin and we may be able to advise you. It is essential to have this information at your fingertips in order to adapt your negotiation position and set the right objectives.

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Do your research

Study company policy with regards to masters programmes. If you are approaching HR or a senior manager, it may be worthwhile to include a reference or letter of support from your current line manager. During the conversation with your employer, specific questions regarding the programme content, structure and logistics may come up.

You want to ensure you can answer all of their questions by finding out more. The INSEAD EMFin website has a great deal of information, but you will find out even more by attending one of our EMFin events.

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Read our guide on "How to gain your employer's support" to get more tips and additional information on the programme and funding options such as scholarships and loans.  

If you would like to discuss the programme in more detail, please get in touch with us

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