It is incredible how much material each professor was able to deliver, while engaging on all of our questions and discussions.
Hyunggyu (Kevin) Cho

Hyunggyu (Kevin) Cho

kevin Cho
Nationality/Passport: South Korean Year of graduation: 2018 Current Role: Deputy Head of Technology Operations, EMEA

Why did you choose the INSEAD EMFin amongst all other available Master programmes worldwide?

I work in a very specialised field within finance, and wanted to broaden my scope as I was moving towards a senior management role. I was very satisfied with my current job, so pursuing a full-time programme was not an option. The modular structure of the INSEAD EMFin was ideal for me in that regard.

The course covers a breadth of topics from basic corporate finance to advanced markets and investments subjects, and also has a dedicated module on leadership and communication. It is designed for experienced financial professionals, so I was also excited to learn from classmates who are experts in their respective fields. 

Did the programme meet or exceed your expectations?

The programme easily exceeded my expectations. Initially I thought covering such a wide range of topics was ambitious, and worried we would not be able to cover deep knowledge. But this initial concern was put off the first day of class.

The speed and intensity of the course was overwhelming, but we still managed to do enough case studies every day in order to digest and apply the materials taught. The structure of the courses across modules were also very impressive, one module staging us well for the upcoming ones.

How did the EMFin help you in your career?

I was promoted once in between the modules. Soon after I completed my programme, I was offered an opportunity to relocate to London shifting role from Risk Management to Technology management. Our global CTO (now our current CEO) recognised my effort in pursuing the INSEAD EMFin while working, and determined I would be a good fit to lead the European Technology team.

Technology is core to our business, and the knowledge/skills learnt from the programme equipped me well to run valuation across various technology projects we have, and prioritise them accordingly. I am certain the INSEAD EMFin played a critical role in my advancement and success at my firm. 

Do share with us your thoughts on the quality of the professors.

I cannot emphasise enough how great the professors were. It is incredible how much material each professor was able to deliver, while engaging on all of our questions and discussions. All the professors had total control of the class, and were able to moderate various heated discussions while ultimately bringing them all together in a coherent manner.  

How are your classmates like?

What I liked about the composition of the class was that it was diverse (different industry/age group/nationality/balanced gender), yet also focused professional in the field of finance. In every class there was most likely someone who had real life experience in that field, and was able to make the subject more relevant. We stay good friends and kept in close contact in between modules, and also after graduation.

Can you share more about the Leadership Capstone – how did it benefit you?

The leadership capstone module really staged me well for my senior management role. To me, it provided a framework to think and perform as a leader in various ways. It was also skills that we could directly apply to work upon return, as we always interact with colleagues each day at work. I believe this module is also a critical differentiating point compared to other finance Masters programmes that exist out there. 

Can you share the multi-campus experience?

It was a great experience being able to travel to France for one of the modules. I was based in Singapore and just had a newborn son, so did not have much time to socialise with the classmates as much as I hoped. In France everybody was away from home, so we had more time to get together and bond more. On my way to France, I had the opportunity to attend the annual European Alumni conference which was a very memorable experience as well. 

What advice will you give to potential EMFin participants?

Think deep about what you would like to gain out of the programme. Once you are clear what the objectives are, I highly recommend to just go for it. This is a good opportunity to purely invest to yourself, and could well be a life changing event.