The INSEAD Master in Management (MIM) Class of 2024 started their journey on the Fontainebleau campus in France in August 2023. Read on below to meet some members of this class, to find out more about their stories, their motivations for joining INSEAD and their aspirations for the future.

"This year is going to be a stepping stone for me. I’m ready to take on every occasion to make the best out of it." 

INSEAD Master in Management Lily Unell

Lily Unell
Bachelor of Applied Science in Management
HEC Lausanne

Following her undergraduate degree in Management at HEC, Lily spent a year in a management consulting firm which fuelled her desire to continue in this direction.

"I knew that to reach my goals, I needed to level up my knowledge through experience followed by a top-tier Master", she shares. "This unparalleled programme offers me the knowledge to work toward becoming a senior consultant in a top firm.

I can’t imagine how different I’ll be by the end of the programme, but I can assure you that already after three weeks in, my growth mindset has tripled." 

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"INSEAD's commitment to diversity, its global approach, and its hallmark of excellence deeply resonated with my aspirations."

INSEAD Master in Management Hussein Ezzeddine

Hussein Ezzeddine
Bachelor of Science in Management
ESCP Business School
Lebanese, Ivorian

"Living in emerging countries, I observed disparities in technological access which fuelled my drive for innovation," says Hussein, who grew up in Ivory Coast and Lebanon, and spent two years working in a Parisian fintech firm before joining INSEAD. 

"I believe in the power of diverse interactions and learning from different cultures, and INSEAD seemed like a natural fit for this vision," he shares.

What stands out to him the most in the first few weeks at INSEAD is the sense of community. "There's a genuine willingness to help, even from those you've just met. There's an air of inclusivity, and the diversity in backgrounds is unparalleled."

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"From the quality of the professors to the interactive nature of the classes, I have never gone through such a stimulating learning experience."

INSEAD Master in Management Manon Barnes

Manon Barnes
Language and Culture, Spanish and Portuguese
University College London
French, British

After graduating from UCL, Manon moved to Kenya where she worked on the development of microfinance products.

"During this time I realised I was lacking analytics skills. This is what initially drove me to turn to the MIM to fix these gaps in my self-taught business knowledge", she shares. 

"The whole INSEAD process of learning, such as the breakout rooms you go to, to work hands-on on a problem as a team, or assigning you to work with a team in which everyone is intentionally your complete opposite, prepares you for the real business world you will enter."

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"INSEAD has a strong focus on sustainability and this aligns strongly with my personal beliefs." 

INSEAD Master in Management Sean Vale

Sean Vale
Masters in Chemistry
University of St. Andrews
British, Irish

Sean, who holds an undergraduate and a masters degree in chemistry, joined INSEAD with a passion for energy and sustainability issues. 

"I felt a bit jaded with laboratory work," he shares. "INSEAD interested me because it would be a great way to take my science background and pivot towards a more business-oriented career."

"INSEAD has a strong focus on sustainability and this aligns strongly with my personal beliefs. Also, there are very few programmes, which, in such a short space of time, will take you to so many exciting and different places globally! It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," says Sean. 

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"The programme immediately stood out to me for its diverse community, academic excellence, and practical learning approach."

INSEAD Master in Management Olivia Roccavilla

Olivia Roccavilla
Bachelors in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture and Communications
Università Bocconi

Olivia joined INSEAD to broaden the scope of her studies towards a more encompassing and applied Master in Management. 

When asked to describe her first impressions, she says: "It's incredible how inspiring everyone is.

I have enjoyed listening to everyone's stories and experiences and backgrounds; from champion cyclists and swimmers, top-class doctors and engineers, to people who were home-schooled on a boat! Yet, everyone is incredibly down-to-earth and friendly. You will really learn a lot just from the people around you at INSEAD."

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"My classmates come from various countries, and within my home group, everyone has a different background."

INSEAD Jingxuan Fu

Jingxuan Fu
Bachelors of Engineering
University of Warwick

During his undergraduate studies, Jiangxuan completed several internships in consulting and corporate strategy. 

He plans to launch an international career in this field and joined INSEAD due to the school's strong footprint in the consulting industry.  

"INSEAD has a good reputation across the Asia-Pacific region, mainland China, the Middle East, and Europe, providing a wide array of choices in terms of (post-graduation) countries and locations", he shares further. 

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