Afya on Wheels: Delivering High-Quality, Affordable Healthcare in Underserved Areas in Kenya

Wolfpack Team

Embarking on the journey to Master Strategist Day (MSD) was like stepping into a whirlwind of exhilaration and purpose. While clinching victory was undoubtedly a moment of triumph, it was the prospect of weaving innovative solutions with meaningful impact that truly fueled our spirits.

The groundwork started in Professor Chengyi Lin's "Introduction to Strategy" course, where we learned the ropes of tackling real-world challenges. Fast forward, and Master Strategist Day arrived – the grand finale and a highlight of our MBA programme so far.

Our mission? To collaborate with Access Afya, a beacon of primary healthcare in East Africa, and devise a game-changing strategy to scale its already standardised franchise model, ensuring that the quality and affordability of healthcare remain uncompromised.

Founded by the visionary Melissa Menke in 2012, Access Afya pioneered accessible and high-quality health care for underserved Kenyan communities through a unique blend of digital and physical infrastructure. The business model had been proven and now the company was at an advanced stage of scaling.


Melissa Menke, founder of Access Afya, presenting at MSD
Melissa Menke, founder of Access Afya, presenting at MSD

As “the Wolfpack” – Marc Cortacans, Yonatan Frenkel, Dhavi Saba, Shashank Yeleswarapu, Indraveer Singh Rajawat, and Oluwabukunmi Familoye – we embarked on an 18-hour brainstorming marathon, with guidance from mentors at Bain & Company. Fuelled by passion, determination, and copious amounts of caffeine, the process was an emotional rollercoaster.

The air crackled with intensity as we strove not just to win but to make a tangible impact. Amidst the intensity we ensured we had fun, exploring the wildest and most ingenious ideas.

After exhaustive exploration, we presented three strategic options:

Afya on Wheels: A mobile health clinic capitalising on accessibility, convenience, and community-centric care. With minimal upfront costs and unparalleled flexibility in location and reach, this model promised to revolutionise healthcare delivery. 

Curafa NextGen Clinics: Targeting and transforming unlicensed clinics into franchise units, amplifying Access Afya's footprint across Kenya. 

Curafa Franchise Toolkit: Licensing Access Afya's robust platform, Saas, to other healthcare entities, augmenting profitability and scalability.

Ultimately, we championed Afya on Wheels as the beacon of our strategy, harnessing the established franchise model and other capabilities for unparalleled impact.

Our success was a testament to the power of diversity. 

Bukunmi's cultural and geographical insights ensured our strategy was grounded in reality. Shashank's healthy scepticism kept us constantly refining our ideas. Yonatan's gift for synthesis brought everyone's perspectives together. Indraveer's ability to elevate innovative ideas into exceptional ones added a touch of brilliance. Marc's unwavering dedication ensured every element of our presentation was polished and impactful. And Dhavi's creative problem-solving skills brought fresh approaches and unexpected solutions to the table.  

Winning the Hugo van Berckel Award affirmed the transformative role of business in catalysing societal change. Collaborating with Access Afya reinforced our belief in the pivotal role of enterprises in championing social good.

Our journey offers valuable lessons for businesses navigating healthcare challenges, particularly in emerging markets. We implore everyone to delve deeper into Africa's healthcare landscape and the remarkable work of Access Afya, whose unwavering dedication to improving healthcare access in East Africa is a beacon of inspiration.

As we revel in this milestone, we extend heartfelt congratulations to Access Afya and all entities committed to making a tangible difference. This is just the beginning. We eagerly anticipate the continued impact of Access Afya's initiatives in East Africa, and the forthcoming chapters of our MBA journey as we endeavour to forge a brighter, more inclusive future.

INSEAD is grateful to the donors of the Hugo van Berckel Award, the Moondance Foundation, and the Andrew Land Fund, for their generous support.