The Fault in Our Admissions Process

Laura Amin

There is ONE thing the INSEAD admissions team is not very good at. They tend to NOT tell you why you were one of the luckiest few people to be chosen for the programme. And trust me, sometimes it’s the most annoying aspect of being admitted. Do not get me wrong though, it’s also the most fascinating. As you go about getting introduced to your classmates over uncountable social mediums, you will be in awe of every single individual. Each and everyone is brilliant and you cannot help but wonder exactly what you (who eats ice-cream for breakfast) are doing in the company of such amazing individuals. INSEAD can simultaneously make you feel out of place and yet like you totally belong.

But know this – if you have made it, you have something unique to offer that none of your other classmates have. Underneath the designation and the geographical position, each of us has a story and that story fits like a puzzle piece with the rest of the stories to give you a trip “around the world in 10 months”. It will take more than 80 days but I bet it will be every bit worth it.

The reason I say all this is to give you my secret for the admission process -

Be you! You are your best shot at getting in. You are more than your academic scores or the number of years of work experience. You are unique in a way that no other person can be. And INSEAD nurtures diversity. It would not be as fun if we were all peas in a pod. (We do become such for topics like GOT – that fandom stretches too far across the world)

I will stop here for now as I seriously need to finish up the last of my shopping list. Fortnight till INSEAD and the crazy ride begins! Stay tuned for more updates though!