INSEAD: An Ocean of opportunities

Visiting my country on the break and having time to talk with several professionals and alumni about future opportunities and challenges in my field was certainly even more exciting to continue my journey at INSEAD.

It is unquestionable how many doors INSEAD can open, not only by the alumni network (people who really share value of doing business to the world), but also because a natural instinct of search and curiosity arise on us.

Combined with this post break excitement for searching and building new ideas, the new vibe of P3 (when we start having electives) was perfect.

  • The negotiation course, with intense simulation practices and while you are searching for new job opportunities, fits like a glove.
  • The corporate entrepreneurship course was incredible to point out how many innovation opportunities there are even in large corporations and to get in touch and hear true histories from these evangelists.
  • The New Business Model course was perfect to demystify how it can be easy to build new business ideas using group thinking and how to practice your pitch.
  • The Art of Communication course fitted perfectly to train how to mould all the details of non-verbal and verbal communication to excel on your speech with more than 48h of intense training.
  • The INSANE club activities: futurist talk with Roland Berger’s CEO, 5 amazingly inspiring Fintech talks and a presentation I gave to share my professional experience with machine learning applied to credit score (just to mention some).
  • And now, I will finish P3 with a field trip to Israel and get to know this start-up nation visiting several companies during an entire week (already willing to share more about this trek with you).

And sure, not to mention all other courses, the welcome week for the D’s, team work and competitions happening ALL at the same time here. It is just a matter about which of these opportunities you will want to grab. Join us to check it out! Oh... and watching Fonty getting white with the snow was also part of the P3 magic :)