How to Write Amazing Emails

Akshat Shrivastava

1. Keep it short.

  • Most people are busy.
  • They would watch Netflix, rather than read emails.
  • Brevity = Gold; use the subject line effectively.

2. KISS (Keep it simple, silly)

  • People would read your email once (that's it).
  • If they understand it, great, else they would move on.
  • Don't become a living embodiment of the Oxford dictionary.

3. Structure

  • Sentences should be interconnected.
  • Each paragraph should serve a purpose.
  • This makes your email easy to read.

Example: Let's say you need advice.

[Subject line]: Hello from an INSEAD-er

[Intro]: Hi Akshat, I am a fellow INSEAD-er and met you [during event X].

[Mid]: Our recruitments start next week. And, I was hoping if you could answer [X] and [Y] about firm [XYZ].

[End]: Any insights would help me write a more effective Cover Letter.
I know that you love pizza and beer, so that's on me when we meet.

Final words: Be nice, be specific and don't ask for time-intensive favours (eg. refer me, review my CV etc).