Learn from Sushi or Learn Sushi?

I knew that Sushi, the Japanese world-renowned cuisine, was famous across the world, but while at INSEAD Europe Campus, I have been amazed by the enthusiasm for it in a variety of aspects.

Sushi in a classroom setting


In April, we were required to carefully watch a video about a Sushi Chef in preparation for subsequent discussions during a class of POM (Process & Operations Management), which is one of the mandatory courses in P2.

A screening night was held the day before the session and the spring weather was perfect to relax outside. It goes without saying that a couple of sushi restaurants in Fontainebleau got packed with INSEADers that night.

Of course, the screening added value to our academic learnings, such that we seriously analyzed and discussed how sushi can be served in a sustainable fashion from the perspectives of process and operation management.

I didn’t expect that I would obtain business-related takeaways this way, but the class was insightful. I proudly remembered some sushi restaurants which I liked going to while in Tokyo (not the one discussed during the class unfortunately) and wondered when I will be able to make a visit again.

Sushi in practice as a force for good


As MBA candidates, we are aware that business is about “walk the walk”, so we created a chance for ourselves to enjoy sushi instead of waiting for an occasion to go to Japan.

It was in the middle of the “Robin Hood Campaign”, a long-standing tradition of INSEAD to raise scholarship funds for future students, and a group of 19Ds from Japan decided to put a sushi making session for its auction.

Fortunately it drew more attention than anticipated and one night we, at Maison Royale, hosted several sushi enthusiasts who had donated a good amount of money to the charity not only to drink and eat but also learn and practice a recipe of home-made sushi, i.e., not give a man a fish but teach a man to fish (no pun intended).

How did it go? You can tell how people found it in the following picture! We enjoyed sharing cultural experiences, having good quality foods and contributing to the INSEAD community through the Robin Hood Campaign.

By the way, making a “V” sign with your index and middle fingers is a typical pose among Japanese.


Where in Fonty can you get sushi ingredients?

On the back of the success of these in-class and off-campus sushi events, the number of inquiries about how to get ingredients for sushi here in Fontainebleau is increasing. For your information, here is a list of places you can buy sushi ingredients:

Fresh raw fish (Tuna & Salmon)
Poissonnerie du Littoral, 14 Rue des Sablons (please check availability before you visit them)

Others (Japanese rice, soy sauce, vinegar, sea weed, wasabi, and so on)
Carrefour Market Avon, 36 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt

You may also find the same things or something similar at Carrefour City (closer to the city center), Monoprix, and Naturalia, subject to availability of goods.

Please help yourself but DO NOT eat everything up, INSEADers!