What Is the ROI of an INSEAD MBA?

Neha Molugu

A lot of times I get asked if doing an MBA is worth it or what the ROI of an INSEAD MBA is. I always say "it depends" on what you're looking for in the short term vs. long term.

Admittedly, INSEAD was a HUGE financial investment for me as a 25-year old in India with no savings and no family funds to bank on.

But I decided to do it and I am grateful for the scholarships as well as a student loan from Prodigy Finance which enabled me to pursue this. Having gone to my 5(+2)-year INSEAD reunion earlier this month, I sat down to reflect on what that short/long-term personal ROI is to me:


  • Incredible personal growth as a human being (studying with a cohort from over 90+ nationalities) - I didn't even know where some of these countries were on a map! :)
  • Being able to move continents and industries to work with L'Oréal in Paris at the global headquarters and accelerate my career, being able to intern in Shanghai at AB InBev and in Singapore with Luxottica
  • An education from some of the best professors in the world to shape me as a leader for the future (my favourite subjects were Organisational Behaviour and Startup Bootcamp)
  • A community of humans who became my extended family with whom I laughed, cried, celebrated and grieved as we went through one of the most rigorous years of our life!


  • Unbelievable support from my cohort, professors and the INSEAD Alumni Association as I pivot into a career as an entrepreneur with my first business (thehumaninspired.com)
  • Lifelong access to career coaches and life coaches as I transition into a completely new phase in my life
  • A community of humans who remain my extended family with whom I can pick up where we left off and celebrate each other's growth with deep and open hearts reminding ourselves that time is just an illusion!

While it's hard to capture the essence and energy of the INSEAD experience in words, I am beyond grateful and know that for me every Euro I invested has paid off above and beyond any ROI I could imagine!