INSEAD certainly helped me solidify my base and prepared me for a global role.
Arjan Dijk

Arjan Dijk

Arjan Dijk
Nationality/Passport: Dutch Year of graduation: 2000 Current Role: Vice President of Marketing, Google

Congratulations on making it on the 2016 OUTstanding FT Rankings! How did you feel when you saw your name on the rankings?

It’s a true honour and an amazing recognition. I am currently working at Google and I am also the most senior LGBTQ+ person at Google worldwide.

What is the winning formula that helped you clinch this title?

It is difficult to pinpoint a “winning formula”, but it has been very important to bring my full and authentic self to the workplace.  

Why did you choose INSEAD amongst all the other MBA programmes available?

First and foremost, I am European and INSEAD is one of the top business schools in the world with an international and diverse student body. I think the fact that it’s a one year programme is also amazing. It was short and focused, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was also attracted to its international and diverse faculty and student body. 

INSEAD takes pride and effort in ensuring great diversity in the classrooms. How has the diversity in the classroom enhanced your INSEAD experience?

When I graduated in 2000, diversity at INSEAD was not as evident as it is today especially when it came to LGBT and racial diversity. But I am delighted to see that OUTSEAD is expanding its network, and INSEAD is now one of the most diverse schools out there.  

What do you think is the most challenging aspect for the LGBT community in the workplace? 

I’m fortunate to live in California where the LGBTQ+ community is very well integrated and accepted. But again I think it boils down to being your true self and of course it is also important that the workplace promotes an inclusive and non-discriminating culture. 

How has INSEAD’s MBA programme helped you in your career?

My career really took off after I graduated from INSEAD. It really is a fabulous springboard to a fantastic international career as it gives you an amazing ability to work with so many different people of various countries, cultures and languages. INSEAD certainly helped me solidify my base and prepared me for a global role.